Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Foodie PenPal!!

OK...so...you all know how much i looooove the Foodie Penpal program through The Lean Green Bean!!

You sign up here...spend a minimum of $15 after getting to know your recipient...send your package by the 15th...and receive a package from someone else you've "met"...um hello...food in the mail?? YES PLEASE!!!!

This month I was paired up with Krystal...Yum in a box...seriously! i may have scarfed down the chips while opening the rest of the box hahaha

I seriously just made the gluten free brownie mix and it was soooooo good!!!!

I am making pulled pork tomorrow with the bbq sauce and am pretty excited to eat it! Majority of all of the snacks are gone haha...the pancakes will be consumed this saturday morning...again...i am pretty darn excited to eat those!!!

I'm excited for this month!!!!

Check it out here

The Lean Green Bean

Lisa aka Food Lover!