Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Sunday...

OOOOOH MAN!!!!!!!!!!...I am sooo behind it is

like for reals...I have to get to the post office by Wednesday and Thursday to get my handmade gifts out for the gift exchanges...oh wait...I need to finish them first...

With the hubs gone, things get a million times harder...bed time...shower time...breakfast lunch and dinner time...errands...Emma and I have this crazy cold that is going around...ya know...


So I am truly sorry about the lack in posts...even now writing this, Emma just woke up Taitum and now she won't go back to sleep...I know she's fed...I know she's over tired now her crib she goes to cry soothe herself back to sleep...  He just left this morning and Emma is already on a's so much "fun".

Anyhow...I am sorry about the lack on my end...I am working on a ton of stuff and will post ASAP. I am also cooking up some awesome cookies for a Cookie Exchange so that will be posted also...

OK well...I am going to catch up on all of the cool and fantastic things you all have been up to and cruise through Pinterest (like I need to add things to my never-ending to do list hahaha)

So I will remind myself to breathe...again =)

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

I hope everyone in the States (and all of you American's that are abroad) had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!  The hubs should be home soon so we will be waiting to actually decorate and get our tree but the crafts will begin on Thursday and I am working on an Advent Calendar for Emma!!

Sleep tight and Good Morning to everyone!!!


~ Lisa

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 Things...Parenting first to start can I just say how gitty I get when blogs I follow start following me?! 

I mean little girl just saw Justin Beiber gitty hahaha...THANKS GUYS YOU ROCK!!!

Here is my list...

10 Things I have realized/done/experienced since becoming a parent

10. I think I dress more dolls than I do my kids haha...I mean, yes, I knew I would be putting dresses on dolls but COME ON!!!

9. There is no such thing as "alone" time...not even while in the bathroom.  Go ahead...try to pee with door closed or take a shower alone...if you have a toddler(s)...I dare you hahaha

8. NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!!! will cherish the quiet time haha...they will not starve...they will fall back to sleep

7.  Note to the will check on your 1st newborn over and over and over and over again to make sure he/she is breathing/ok/still sleeping...just try to not to wake them up haha

6. You will do almost anything to stop your newborn from crying...seriously...the person singing whatever song it is in the aisle across from you is most likely trying soothe their child haha

5.  If you see someone pushing a childless shopping cart back and's because they've had a child in the seat multiple times and it has now become a habit...I catch myself doing this ALL the time...well ok not ALL the time...that makes it sound like I go to stores alone...which is hilarious hahahaha

4.  Food is not the only thing that can be put into the've been warned

3.  80% of your conversations will revolve around poop until your child is in Kindergarten...Emma is only 3 and we still talk about poop because of going in the toilet and Taitum is only 5 let the poopy talk COMMENCE

2.  hahaha you think talking about poop is gross? How about getting a big morning hug from your toddler who is full of pee...or getting peed on by your infant...yeah


I hope you enjoyed this!! Of course there are a lot more experiences than this hahaha

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Monday, November 21, 2011

28 Things...

So...I am 28 so here it goes...

PS...I LOVE these things...I love reading about other people...super fascinating!!

1. Root Beer makes me vomit...and so does Pepto Bismol...I am not sure why but they always have.

2. I have crazy ADD and am easily distracted...I have a serious focus issue and hate plans.

3. I used to be alllllll about American Eagle and shopping at the you won't catch me dead shopping at the mall for clothing...thrift stores, target, ross/tj maxx/marshall's and old navy stores is where you will find me.

4. I have minor panic attacks while the cashier rings up my items...I am a fruglaista without being cheap but whenever the total gets past $60 for ANYTHING, I have minor panic attacks and try to think fast about what it is I am actually purchasing and if I really, truly need it (this does not happen while grocery shopping)

5.  I am a food snob...some people are clothing snobs or other things...I am your ultimate food snob...My family will not eat any type of food out of a can that has been processed (i.e Chef Boyardee, Sloppy Joe, etc). I think it's gross...this doesn't mean we have salmon or steak every night haha...I purchase real food and we eat real food.  If I cannot pronounce what is on the label, I will not purchase it.

6. I have a minor case of stress induced Bells Palsy (the left side of my face goes numb...this is a mild case so I feel it but it's not toooootally noticeable)'s first flair up was at the end of my husband's deployment...and now it flairs up when I am exhausted and/or stressed out.

7.  I am lactose intolerant..I still eat cheese and chocolate...those are the only things I will eat and deal with the stomach ache.

8.  I was born in Stockholm, Sweden.  I do not speak Swedish anymore :(.  My husband and I are going to learn Swedish and German along with our girls.

9.  I want to learn French too...If you are French, take no offense to what I am about to say because it just my opinion, I love the French language...I do NOT like the French accent, so I figure if I learn accent :)

10.  Bad grammar and spelling irritates me.

11.  I have no patience for ignorant don't have to be a rocket scientist to be my friend but common sense is appreciated.

12.  I am an adrenaline junkie!!! I've been sky diving multiple times (sorry dad), been on a motorcycle (sorry dad...again), and have been scuba diving (this is an expensive hobby so it's on hold...)...I want to go rock climbing, white water rafting, and, oh man, the list is long!!!

13.  I will drop everything to play with Emma...The dishes can wait when she comes up and asks, "Mom? Can you play with me?"...Same will go for Taitum when she is older.

14.  I have a sailor's mouth...I have stopped saying "stupid" (in front of Emma anyway) because "stupid" is now a bad word and things are "weird".  There is a "bad word" jar in my future haha.  I better start keeping my quarters, huh?

15. I bite my nails...I always have.  I plan to stop because I do not want my girls to bit their nails.

16.  I am ADDICTED to Pinterest!! My boards are not totally organized but I can find everything just fine haha.

17. I would rather send a text...I have nothing against a good phone call but some things can just be sent and done.  I rarely make the phone call but if you call and I can pick up...I will :)

18.  I have the best and craziest family in the world!

19. I feel naked without my cell phone.

20. I have been very lucky to have foreign parents because it gives me the opportunity to show my kids that side of the world.  I am a travel JUNKIE!!

21.  I LOVE my kids but I would also give anything to be able to pack up a backpack, grab my passport, and hit the road with no worries.

22.  I believe everything happens for a reason.

23.  Teaching Emma (and later Taitum too) new things is so much fun.  It amazes me every time.  I always forget they have "new" eyes!

24. Emma can work the iPad and iPhone better than most adults...that does not make me a bad parent and she is not isolated from the outside bite your tongue.

25.  I can count my best and closest friends on one hand.

26.  I am very stubborn and opinionated and usually..ok try to always hahaha...have the last word

27.  I think I'm hilarious hahaha

28.  My husband is in the Navy. He is a rescue swimmer and flies in helicopters.  I am married to a bad-ass and I love my life as a military matter how stressful it gets.

I hope that was interesting!!!

I am linking up here!!

Can't wait to read everyone else's over there also :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

FOCUS...haha i know...funny

HAHAHA OMG...I just realized I didn't ACTUALLY post this last night...I think I'm going BANANAS!!!

Ok so I have CRAZY ADD!!!

Right's on hyper drive hahaha

Taitum fell asleep eating dinner...again

(don't worry...I adjusted her...and got her into her crib..she was OUT!! And yes...she burped...twice haha)

Emma is on a date with daddy at Sea World (that is her bear zipped up in her jacket hahaha)

And I have a TON of stuff to finish

What did I do...

Yes...I sat on the couch...made a list of everything I needed to get done (I can't show you the list because what if my gift exchange partners read this??? Ultimate FAIL)

And THEN while I was doodling writing my list, I noticed...OMG NCIS MARATHON!!! Now...I loooooove NCIS...which means...I've more than likely seen the episode at least twice haha...and THEN...

FOOD NETWORK THANKSGIVING IRON CHEF!!! because, of course, I HAD to look through the channels to see if there were any other shows on before I went and did what it was I was supposed to be doing hahaha

None of this is then I thought "you know what? I should look on Pinterest for some inspiration to get moving"...

WHOA!!! BACK THE F UP...why...oooooooh WHY would my crazy mind tell me to go onto Pinterest aka the procrastinator's dungeon...

So I did and you know what!!????

I now I want a falafel, a 5 tier cake decorated like the wizard of oz with a yellow brick road, a shot of Godiva liqueur in a hollowed out strawberry shot glass, a cappuccino with a design on the foam, and some tequila lime chicken...I had one of my chocolate chip pumpkin cookies and hot cocoa and am just wishing it was something else hahaha


So list..list?...what list??

And Taitum is up...expected...rolling around the living room floor...

(she's 5 months old...18 pounds...Emma is 3...I figure Taitum is trying to keep up and I give it until March...if that...for when she starts walking...Emma walked early..."yay"...i mean WOOO hahaha)

OH and I just saw a preview for the new Matt Damon movie about the zoo...that would be fun but OMG I want to find My Fair Lady soooo bad so what did I do


All because Matt Damon came out with a movie that looks cute & I think Emma would love it but then the spark went off somewhere and I had a shiny/squirrel moment and thought OH I NEEEEED TO FIND MY FAIR LADY!!!

And now...I wrote this post because it was important!!!

Tomorrow...I will get stuff done tomorrow

Once I finish my list ;-)

***UPDATE...I accomplished nothing on my list...I accomplished things but none of it relevant...It will get done...hahahaha...I am the ultimate procrastinator who gets everything done fantastically at the last minute hahahaha

Friday, November 18, 2011

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Cooooookies!!

I looooooooooove cookies...and coffee...not a huge pumpkin cheesecake fan...probably mainly because I can't shouldn't have cheesecake  :-( but anyhow..

These are YUMMMM...

my daughter and I could eat them alllllllllllllllllllllll day!! I most likely found this recipe from the RecipeGrazer app...I really need to start remembering where I get these recipes haha


1 cup canned pumpkin (um I just 1 this picture I took of all of the ingredients :-p)
1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil (remember...if you do not have vegetable you can substitute equal parts of mayo!!)
1 large egg
2 cups flour (I used whole wheat flour...made it kind of healthier...right?)
2 tpsns baking powder
2 tspns ground cinnamon
1/2 tspn salt
1 tspn baking soda
1 tspn milk (yes 1 teaspoon...I used 1%)
1 tablspn vanilla
2 cups chocolate chips (um yeah...I just eye balled this and poured hahaha)
baking pans
cooking spray (or I'm sure you can use parchment paper too)


1. IN YOUR BIGGER BOWL (if you have 2 different sizes like I do), mix together your:

vegetable oil (or mayo)
(I just used a fancy kitchen equipment used here today haha)

2. IN YOUR SMALLER BOWL...mix together your:

baking powder
ground cinnamon
baking soda
(I used a fork...helped kind of get everything sort of smoothish)

3. Heat oven to 350...grease your baking sheet(s)

4. POUR YOUR FLOUR MIXTURE INTO YOUR PUMPKIN MIXTURE...see this is why the pumpkin mixture is in the bigger bowl :)

5. stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir and combine until smooth

6. POUR IN THE CHOCOLATE!!!! MMMMMMMM...I kind of folded it all together

7. Scoop your dough onto your sheet(s)...I use 2 spoons...1 to scoop and 1 to scrape the judging my baking sheet haha

8. Bake for about 10-13 minutes...depending on your scoops...I baked mine for about 11 minutes...not kidding haha

9. Make some toddy maybe? and some whipped cream!!


HOPE YOU ENJOY THEM AS MUCH AS I DO!!!...PS...this batch made 26 cookies + 4 big one's haha so 30 I guess haha


Monday, November 14, 2011

Footprint Turkey!

OK I am so excited for Christmas to come and to start all of the projects with Emma and almost forgot about Thanksgiving/Turkey crafts so here we go :)

NOTE: Child may squirm/giggle because it tickles hahaha

Materials I used:

Glue (like Elmer's or a glue stick)
Beige acrylic paint (or brown...)
googley eyes
festive construction paper
white poster board (holds up better with the footprint than construction paper)
orange felt (cut into a triangle for the beak)
optional: bow...Emma said the turkey was a princess so it needed a bow

Not too much a tutorial...kind of self explanatory...

paint the bottom of the foot...stamp the foot on the white (or whatever color)...make sure to press all of the toes down haha

Cut out your foot as close as you can or how you want

Next...get your festive construction paper.  I used, beige, brown, orange and red.  Cut them int "feather" shapes" them how you would like them behind your foot.

I taped them together because every time I do stuff like this, I always end up gluing too quickly and then they aren't where I wanted them haha so I tape them before I glue this:

and yes I name and date things like this :)

Take your glue (I just used regular glue or a glue stick would work too) and glue to your paper :)

Next, flip it over...glue your beak first...this way you know where you want your eyes...and then I glued the red turkey throat thingy OH I used glue dots for the eyes...just made me feel better that they would stay put

OK so when I was didn't look like enough feather so I made bigger one's...I like how it turned out :)

The Emma's Princess Turkey Footprint hahaha

you could totally go nuts and and use felt too! that would be fun!!

Happy Monday!!!!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Toddler Organized!!

So we've had this dresser in the garage...every garage we've husband used it for some of his bigger tools and wood cut-outs for the shadow boxes he makes (which I have to say are amazing!!)...

This is the dresser...

It was grooosssssss...well, like old and "my husband used it for tools" gross I sanded the whole thing...mainly to get some of the paint stains off, stained stainer off and just to even it out a little...

Oh and yes this was from Ikea aka my Disneyland haha...I mostly love their "as-is" section!!

anyways...I broke out the trusty spray paint!! I am a TERRIBLE painter and spray paint works just as well and I can't tooooootally screw it up hahaha

Emma said pink it became!!

Um ok so remember when I said "I can't toooooootally screw it up" when I talked about spray painting...well it sprayed like spit...hence the blotchiness but you know what...I remedied it below!!! So have no fear...I will cover my imperfections hahaha

Then Emma and I said hey we should paint the drawers with a white we did...I mixed my paint and water in the container below and the sponge brush is what I used for the "in between drawers" was the perfect width!

and now for my cover up!! I used the sponge brush and my white wash paint and created this:

(um..those are not bags of trash in the background...bags FULL of yarn from my friends' mom who is moving...that made me feel better that you know this haha) not everyone will see this but...imperfection/screw up has been averted/covered up hahaha

OMG...The insides of the drawers were I upholstered them!! With my trusty tacky spray glue, some batting, and extra fabric...

soooo much better!!! yes I could have lined them with paper but this is more fun!

I ran out of cool butterflies so pink went into the bottom drawer haha

you see it huh? I forgot to paint the rest of the trim on the drawers hahahaha...good thing it's for the kids!!!

now AALLLLLL of Emma's little princess and Barbie clothes and shoes can go in the top drawer where Taitum will not be able to get ties, headbands, "make up", hats, scarves, and any other dress up accessory now goes into the middle drawer...dolls and the bigger things go into the far so good.  Emma put her toys to bed in their beds aka drawers tonight...this will be kept up...she has so many toys...oh and her coloring books and markers are in here too...she also has a toy chest...eventually both of their toys will go in here but Taitum is just starting the determined Army crawl so we aren't toooootally scooting yet but now I'm more at ease with all of the little/choking hazard toys out of the way...

YAY!!!!! OH I put knobs on the side for her purses...she is your ultimate girly's crazy hahahahaha...I'm thinking of painting the side with some pink chalkboard paint too...hmmmmm

Well, aside from the nutty day we had yesterday...I got this done!! WOO

Always breathe :)

~ Lisa

Friday, November 11, 2011

All I can do is....

It's been one of those crazy "everything is going bonkers at once" weeks. Hence why I haven't posted anything :(...I've been super exhausted so I just go to bed at night...I know weird...who does that??

I should have saw it coming though, honestly. The husband is out training and everything allllllways happens when he leaves haha.

Well, Monday my sister in law picked up Emma for 2 days of fun so I thought
"COOL!!! I'm going to get tons of stuff done!!" hahahaha. Taitum and I ran around but, ok, we got a lot done just not what I had planned. Wednesday...oooooooh Wednesday....taitum and I went to Big Lots to get one of those water pitchers with the spout thing for your this hahaha

Went out to leave $15 later (grabbed a couple other things too haha) = dead. I mean cooooooome ooooooooon!!!!

So I called my testy BFF, Nina...she lives right around the corner...taitum and I hung out in the trunk of my wagon mom-mobile (SO lucky she's such a good baby...ok no I'm not lucky I'm awesome hahahaha). Ok up side's: wasn't hot, I have the greatest friend, and Taitum was good...down side: I went to spend $15 at Big Lots and left spending $107 on a new battery (but no really I am so happy Nina came with her trusty AAA card & Sam the Man was able to help...YAY but still frustrating)...GRRRR AND oh AND (which may not seem like a totally big deal but anyways) no coffee that morning = tired & headache...I forgot to make it so on our way home in my newly charged up, ready to go mom-wagon, we drove through Starbucks. I figured, it was deserved after spending almost 2 hours in the Big Lots parking lot haha. Mmmmm I got a HUGE VENTI peppermint mocha soy frappuccino (<-- spelling? You know what I mean lol). No whip (I'm lactose intolerant...yay me huh? Not that big of a deal tho)

Um ok...OH and Emma was screaming the WHOLE time she got home Wednesday (after big lots...OMG so happy she wasn't with me...that would have SUUUUUCKED) um ok...OH (I forgot what i was blabbing about ADD moment haha) Emma...screaming...I WANT TO GO TO ANGIE'S HOUSE!!!! My sister in law is Angie...Emma had a BLAST! Movies, Wild Animal Park, and hanging with Auntie Angie and was a nice break for momma until she came home hysterically crying (she was tired).

Thursday...I don't remember...I think we ran around. OH YEAH...ran a few were great.

Yesterday...Veteran's Day!! And my awesomest friend, Christie's, birthday!!! Nina and I went over to her house Friday morning to hang for a little and give her, her birthday gifts. So Nina and I are dubbing ourselves the "birthday elves"...I think that's what we said haha. So far we've had 2 victims! We are going to surprise as many people as we can on their birthdays! Fun huh! Ok yesterday I almost shipped myself to the loon bin...we were going to go to the Veteran's Day Parade until I was looking for Emma when we got home & she was giving herself tattoos in the garage. Ok before you call CPS, she was painting haha. Her paint but aaalllllll over her arms and legs...and into the tub she went...twice. No parade...taitum took a nap & I had this urge to clean the bathrooms. Why? I found this on Pinterest and wanted to try it haha. I loooooooathe cleaning bathrooms!! But I did and this stuff...AWESOME!! And I made this!!! Emma has toys EVERYWHERE so now the small stuff goes in here and Taitum's stuff will go in the bottom for that Emma was on a ROLL yesterday! She just would not listen...time out's, threw her toys in the "trash" (this usually works...garbage bag in the garage not actually in the trash but oh man did I want to yesterday)...I even called Santa...oh yeah, I have Santa's phone number and he wasn't happy...he may not be building a doll house now...needless to say...she went to bed early, I cracked open a beer, and watches Bones in silence.

Today is a new a's raining but it's a new day...I think I need to drink more water too because man, migraines up the ying yang this past week! The weather has been funkalicious too. Anyhow...sorry for not posting for a while :(. Life happened...I think Emma is confused because dad is gone so this is her way of acting out...Taitum is trying to move AAAHHH! But yeah...I am crafting away & building away! Lots to do!

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ARE COMING OUT!!! I can't wait any longer!! Organizing a little bit more and then by tomorrow they will be out!!!

Ok...oh and Emma broke my iPhone/iPad that's been fun. Those stores with Emma are not fun so I've been charging my phone in my car...the iPad can wait until I get a charger from the store when dad gets home haha.

Ok now really haha. Sorry the essay...go YOU if you read it all!! Now laugh with me


:-D. Feels better huh...oh I love to conquer your obstacles...I will win every time...why?...because life is worth living and laughing is FUN!!

Now I will check my emails...I'm loving all the craftiness going on and funny stories!

Ok now I'm done really :-)

~ Lisa

PS...this morning Emma and I organized ALL of her toys...toddler she will put it all away!! ALL BEFORE 10 AM!!! Now it's a late breakfast...chorizo and eggs mmmm and I made emma hot chocolate...I am busting out some christmas flower bows for the girls to wear today..SANTA PICTURES!!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

WIW! 30 DAY/$30 CHALLENGE!!! is my first "What I Wore"...sorry for the not cool pictures...hubs is gone and even if he was here, I don't think they'd be better hahaha

OH...SOOO Megan over at and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson posted this on FB last week:

so I'm thinking about doing the 30 for 30 fashion challenge but then adding another element... under $30! what do you think? cool? dumb? can I pull it off?? all thoughts please! :)

So I think I'm going to try and pull this off!! Each outfit has to be $30 and under...This should be a piece of cake...hahaha now I want cake (that's what the "hahaha" was brain went "cake..that sounds fantastic!!")...ok so back on track...

This will force me to use what is in my closet...learn to use my sewing machine...go to those cool vintage/thrift stores I've been meaning to go peruuuuuuse so here we go!!



This whole outfit cost me $7!!! I had everything else in my closet!

blue dress: H&M $7!!
black cardigan: closet
white tank: closet (old navy i think)
belt: closet
grey leggings: closet (I had actually contemplated 
getting rid of these last year...yay for forgetting!)
boots: had! my husband actually got them
for me last year! go him huh!?

I literally had everything else in my closet from post pregnancy...PS...I think mustard leggings would look fabuloso and maybe with a different cardigan...hmmmm

Not bad for day 1!!!

~ Lisa

Momma Go Round

pleated poppy