Monday, November 21, 2011

28 Things...

So...I am 28 so here it goes...

PS...I LOVE these things...I love reading about other people...super fascinating!!

1. Root Beer makes me vomit...and so does Pepto Bismol...I am not sure why but they always have.

2. I have crazy ADD and am easily distracted...I have a serious focus issue and hate plans.

3. I used to be alllllll about American Eagle and shopping at the you won't catch me dead shopping at the mall for clothing...thrift stores, target, ross/tj maxx/marshall's and old navy stores is where you will find me.

4. I have minor panic attacks while the cashier rings up my items...I am a fruglaista without being cheap but whenever the total gets past $60 for ANYTHING, I have minor panic attacks and try to think fast about what it is I am actually purchasing and if I really, truly need it (this does not happen while grocery shopping)

5.  I am a food snob...some people are clothing snobs or other things...I am your ultimate food snob...My family will not eat any type of food out of a can that has been processed (i.e Chef Boyardee, Sloppy Joe, etc). I think it's gross...this doesn't mean we have salmon or steak every night haha...I purchase real food and we eat real food.  If I cannot pronounce what is on the label, I will not purchase it.

6. I have a minor case of stress induced Bells Palsy (the left side of my face goes numb...this is a mild case so I feel it but it's not toooootally noticeable)'s first flair up was at the end of my husband's deployment...and now it flairs up when I am exhausted and/or stressed out.

7.  I am lactose intolerant..I still eat cheese and chocolate...those are the only things I will eat and deal with the stomach ache.

8.  I was born in Stockholm, Sweden.  I do not speak Swedish anymore :(.  My husband and I are going to learn Swedish and German along with our girls.

9.  I want to learn French too...If you are French, take no offense to what I am about to say because it just my opinion, I love the French language...I do NOT like the French accent, so I figure if I learn accent :)

10.  Bad grammar and spelling irritates me.

11.  I have no patience for ignorant don't have to be a rocket scientist to be my friend but common sense is appreciated.

12.  I am an adrenaline junkie!!! I've been sky diving multiple times (sorry dad), been on a motorcycle (sorry dad...again), and have been scuba diving (this is an expensive hobby so it's on hold...)...I want to go rock climbing, white water rafting, and, oh man, the list is long!!!

13.  I will drop everything to play with Emma...The dishes can wait when she comes up and asks, "Mom? Can you play with me?"...Same will go for Taitum when she is older.

14.  I have a sailor's mouth...I have stopped saying "stupid" (in front of Emma anyway) because "stupid" is now a bad word and things are "weird".  There is a "bad word" jar in my future haha.  I better start keeping my quarters, huh?

15. I bite my nails...I always have.  I plan to stop because I do not want my girls to bit their nails.

16.  I am ADDICTED to Pinterest!! My boards are not totally organized but I can find everything just fine haha.

17. I would rather send a text...I have nothing against a good phone call but some things can just be sent and done.  I rarely make the phone call but if you call and I can pick up...I will :)

18.  I have the best and craziest family in the world!

19. I feel naked without my cell phone.

20. I have been very lucky to have foreign parents because it gives me the opportunity to show my kids that side of the world.  I am a travel JUNKIE!!

21.  I LOVE my kids but I would also give anything to be able to pack up a backpack, grab my passport, and hit the road with no worries.

22.  I believe everything happens for a reason.

23.  Teaching Emma (and later Taitum too) new things is so much fun.  It amazes me every time.  I always forget they have "new" eyes!

24. Emma can work the iPad and iPhone better than most adults...that does not make me a bad parent and she is not isolated from the outside bite your tongue.

25.  I can count my best and closest friends on one hand.

26.  I am very stubborn and opinionated and usually..ok try to always hahaha...have the last word

27.  I think I'm hilarious hahaha

28.  My husband is in the Navy. He is a rescue swimmer and flies in helicopters.  I am married to a bad-ass and I love my life as a military matter how stressful it gets.

I hope that was interesting!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up--so glad I found your blog! I loved your list...Cant wait to keep reading :)

  2. Thanks!!! I feel like a slacker haha but I'm trying to stay on top of it like all of you awesome bloggers!!


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