Tuesday, November 22, 2011

10 Things...Parenting

OK..so first to start can I just say how gitty I get when blogs I follow start following me?! 

I mean really...like little girl just saw Justin Beiber gitty hahaha...THANKS GUYS YOU ROCK!!!

Here is my list...

10 Things I have realized/done/experienced since becoming a parent

10. I think I dress more dolls than I do my kids haha...I mean, yes, I knew I would be putting dresses on dolls but COME ON!!!

9. There is no such thing as "alone" time...not even while in the bathroom.  Go ahead...try to pee with door closed or take a shower alone...if you have a toddler(s)...I dare you hahaha

8. NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!!! OMG...you will cherish the quiet time haha...they will not starve...they will fall back to sleep

7.  Note to the above...you will check on your 1st newborn over and over and over and over again to make sure he/she is breathing/ok/still sleeping...just try to not to wake them up haha

6. You will do almost anything to stop your newborn from crying...seriously...the person singing whatever song it is in the aisle across from you is most likely trying soothe their child haha

5.  If you see someone pushing a childless shopping cart back and forth...it's because they've had a child in the seat multiple times and it has now become a habit...I catch myself doing this ALL the time...well ok not ALL the time...that makes it sound like I go to stores alone...which is hilarious hahahaha

4.  Food is not the only thing that can be put into the fridge...again...you've been warned

3.  80% of your conversations will revolve around poop until your child is in Kindergarten...Emma is only 3 and we still talk about poop because of going in the toilet and Taitum is only 5 months...so let the poopy talk COMMENCE

2.  hahaha you think talking about poop is gross? How about getting a big morning hug from your toddler who is full of pee...or getting peed on by your infant...yeah


I hope you enjoyed this!! Of course there are a lot more experiences than this hahaha

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  1. Laughing...I already do this with my goddaughter when she stays over at our house. Just have to make sure she's still breathing! :-)

  2. Thanks guys! And thanks for hosting on Tuesday's Nicole!

  3. Lisa, why did i not know you had a blog until I saw Miss Mommy post it on twitter?! And I was like... hey.. I know that girl!!! Wow. I feel dumb. lol!


  4. hahaha it was on the down low hahah JK!! That's funny though! From San Diego to Australia to San Diego haha


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