Saturday, November 12, 2011

Toddler Organized!!

So we've had this dresser in the garage...every garage we've husband used it for some of his bigger tools and wood cut-outs for the shadow boxes he makes (which I have to say are amazing!!)...

This is the dresser...

It was grooosssssss...well, like old and "my husband used it for tools" gross I sanded the whole thing...mainly to get some of the paint stains off, stained stainer off and just to even it out a little...

Oh and yes this was from Ikea aka my Disneyland haha...I mostly love their "as-is" section!!

anyways...I broke out the trusty spray paint!! I am a TERRIBLE painter and spray paint works just as well and I can't tooooootally screw it up hahaha

Emma said pink it became!!

Um ok so remember when I said "I can't toooooootally screw it up" when I talked about spray painting...well it sprayed like spit...hence the blotchiness but you know what...I remedied it below!!! So have no fear...I will cover my imperfections hahaha

Then Emma and I said hey we should paint the drawers with a white we did...I mixed my paint and water in the container below and the sponge brush is what I used for the "in between drawers" was the perfect width!

and now for my cover up!! I used the sponge brush and my white wash paint and created this:

(um..those are not bags of trash in the background...bags FULL of yarn from my friends' mom who is moving...that made me feel better that you know this haha) not everyone will see this but...imperfection/screw up has been averted/covered up hahaha

OMG...The insides of the drawers were I upholstered them!! With my trusty tacky spray glue, some batting, and extra fabric...

soooo much better!!! yes I could have lined them with paper but this is more fun!

I ran out of cool butterflies so pink went into the bottom drawer haha

you see it huh? I forgot to paint the rest of the trim on the drawers hahahaha...good thing it's for the kids!!!

now AALLLLLL of Emma's little princess and Barbie clothes and shoes can go in the top drawer where Taitum will not be able to get ties, headbands, "make up", hats, scarves, and any other dress up accessory now goes into the middle drawer...dolls and the bigger things go into the far so good.  Emma put her toys to bed in their beds aka drawers tonight...this will be kept up...she has so many toys...oh and her coloring books and markers are in here too...she also has a toy chest...eventually both of their toys will go in here but Taitum is just starting the determined Army crawl so we aren't toooootally scooting yet but now I'm more at ease with all of the little/choking hazard toys out of the way...

YAY!!!!! OH I put knobs on the side for her purses...she is your ultimate girly's crazy hahahahaha...I'm thinking of painting the side with some pink chalkboard paint too...hmmmmm

Well, aside from the nutty day we had yesterday...I got this done!! WOO

Always breathe :)

~ Lisa


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