Thursday, November 3, 2011

Frame how you want it!!

I found this on Craftily Every After via TipJunkie...and I just turned on the heater!! It's getting cold for me in San Diego haha...i am self proclaimed cold weather wimp :) is my insirpation!!

In my fantastical Pick Your Plum mystery box I received a blank frame and a mini mod podge AND sponge brushes...OMG and so much more...I can't wait until they do it here we go...this is so easy

Materials I used:

Scrapbook Paper (something with a fun a pattern is good...
otherwise you may as well just paint your frame)
Mod Podge
Sponge brush or a sponge works too (I use a sponge something because
a brush with bristles leave bristley marks)
rick rack
some fabric
an embellishment (I used a button)
I know...some stuff isn't pictured :)

Well it's pretty easey...trace out your frame on your scrapbook paper and cut that out...Throw some mod podge on your frame and get your paper on there.

Now here's what mine looked like 

I took my sandpaper and rubbed it from to back on the frame so the extra paper would come off and I got a clean edge like this:

and then I "distressed" the corners and inside the frame a little bit so it didn't look so perfect and then threw on mod podge on the top:

Then I went inside to look through my "crap"'s organized chaos that will get organized...soon...don't judge...I know where everything is haha

Here is what I came out with...a piece of fabric from my jeans I hemmed, rick rack & a button from my Pick Your Plum cool box!! Grabbed the hot glue and scissors and sat down :)

I cut out 4 "flowery" shapes...cut off a piece of brown rick rack (yes that is Momma Rake's rick rack flower tutorial in the background haha), made little petals from the "flower" shapes, hot glued to the button and VOILA!!

Then I hot glued it onto my frame!!!

Now it just needs a picture!!!  Best can create it however you like!! and if you have everything at's free!!!


~ Lisa!!


  1. Super cute! I recently made curtains for my daughters room and had fabric leftover so I covered a frame with it!

  2. CUTE! I need to make a bunch for my daughters room - I have some great snazzy scraps that would make her room so much more cheery :)
    Thanks for linking up to the tag-along hop today!
    Punkin Heads and Dooda Loos

  3. WOO thanks guys!!

    Katie..thanks for hosting!!

    I'm definitely going to be busting out more of these


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