Tuesday, July 31, 2012


so i was chatting texting with my BFF, Nina, tonight and it got me thinking....how do you all juggle your time and still have time for life?

since starting school, here is my schedule:

5 am - wake up, do some homework (with my friend, coffee, of course)

6 am - Make lunches; get breakfast ready

615 - wake up the girls

645 - OUT the door

730 - E at school

8-12 - Mom at school

1230/1 - Pick up T; T naps, Mom does HW/cleans the house/does laundry/gets dinner together

3/330 - pick up E; any errands that HAVE to be done; head home

4/430 - cook dinner

530 - kids in the tub; relax time; read a book

7/730 - T is in bed; E is doing her "birthday fairy" list (more on that later)

8/830 - E in bed (this is a process...T LOVES to sleep; E not so much)

830 and on - Mom does homework; cleans up the house; checks her email; sits; i sit down

somewhere between 1130-1ish - Mom goes to bed; or at least I try to shut off my brain

along the lines, somewhere in there, I also shower and eat but i really just survive off of Lemon Luna Bars and coffee; lots of coffee.

I also plan my dinners for the month and eat leftovers for lunch if I remember, otherwise the hubs eats them :-). oh and the groceries get shopped for haha

so where does life happen? Emma turns 4 in September...lots to do and I know it's going to come REALLY FAST.  She starts soccer, ballet/tap, and gymnastics...she's getting so big :-(

No, i have not been watching the Olympics even though, with my schedule i've accrued, i'm sure i could catch them LIVE haha

My life is consumed with Mad Men and Advertising Blogs, websites, campaigns, etc which is super fantastical because i find it all AMAZING. but seriously, don't ask me about what's going on in the world right now, what headline was posted, what the new upcoming Facebook (i don't have one except for this page)...i am not connected except to school and the advertising world.

My brother is also getting married in September so lots of family and good times to be had will be coming up...after finals of course and then 1 week off...WOO

anyways...i'm trying to get organized as well but school leaves little time for the extra stuff like:

my garage is a DISASTER...i know what i want done it's just getting it done...the hubs is gone and when he gets back, he will start school also...so yeah

i have taken over the kitchen table because i don't have a desk...i need a workspace...

and of course the un-loved, un-touched backyard and front patio...so neglected but, now, they'll have to wait, again, until next spring

my weekends are FLYING by and i feel like i'm missing life instead of living it...i know i'm gaining the experience and degree to LIVE life to it's absolute FULLEST and it's only 3 short years away so i'm staying focused and, sort of, organized....that i'm working on...in my spare time hahahahaha

ok rant over....i'm super glad i have this to go to...i've done some projects, cooked some really yummy food, I'm getting E organized which is sooooooo awesome, so now i just need an assistant or a CLONE!!!! A CLONE WOULD BE PERFECT hahahaha

I hope everyone had a good start to the week...now we have Hump Day!!! LET'S DO IT!!!!

- Lisa

Saturday, July 28, 2012



So...school is going great...things I have learned...

1. i now watch every advertisement (I'm majoring in Advertising) and find the brilliance in the really good one's and the not so brilliance in the not so exciting one's

2. i can draw...not well..yet. but it's getting there.

3. FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM...it's the new cool thing and photos are so fun plus you meet some really awesome people and find some really cool blogs... @3girls_and_a_boy (i like to take photos of my food...just a warning)

4. i am learning to be more patient.  drawing takes a lot of patience...especially from a person with close to none

5. i still have issues with time management...homework is getting done but i need a schedule and school is done in Quarters so the weeks FLY

I think, so far, that's all...PS...my brother is getting married in 2 MONTHS!!! so super excited!!! I'm headed to the bachelorette party in Palm Desert this coming weekend! soooooo excited!!!!

I feel this is very neglected and, in my time management managing hahaha, i'm trying to figure it out...anyone have any good planners out there!!?? I have about 3 of them and it drives me nuts...for now...catch me over on Instagram!!! I've been doing A LOT; finally made Quick Mix (which has saved me A LOT of time with muffins, pancakes, etc), I made the four less peanut butter chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest, and thanks to Desirée over at the 36th avenue, Emma is getting organized...anyhow...now i'm off to make a menu for August!!!

I'll be back!!!

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease!!!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Rough Day Chicken" aka Chicken Milanese

yummmmmm...this is the easiest chicken you could ever make...lots of photos so i'll put the instructions first :-)...you're welcome

ROUGH DAY CHICKEN! you know...those days where you just wanna hit something haha


A freezer ziploc
4 chicken breasts
2 cups plain bread crumbs (pour it on paper plates...easy clean up!)
1 cup of milk in a bowl (any milk...i use Lactaid since I am lactose intolerant and the hubs can't tell the difference anyway)
Olive Oil
A pan big enough for 2-3 pounded out boobies hahaha <-- my immaturity hahaha
An extra serving dish

ok so:

Grab your freezer bag and put one breast in (little trick of mine below).  You can zip it up if you want just leave a little air in there

POUND THAT SUCKER!! You want it thin...almost see through...mine alway burst 

Place/slide your chicken onto a pan and if you want/need to, slice it up (i always slice mine up...small pieces for the kids...larger for the adults)

Put your pan on the stove...cover the pan in olive oil...HEAT YOUR OIL FIRST

Grab a fork...dip a piece of chicken in the milk and then thinly, evenly coat the chicken in the bread crumbs...give it a little wiggle/shake

Place your chicken piece on top of the sizzling oil! sssssiiiiizzzzzllllleeeee for about 4 minutes (golden brown)

Flip it and cook for about 2 minutes...place in your extra (clean) serving dish

Continue with the rest of your chicken!  You should be able to do 2-3 big slices in your pan and a bunch of littles at a time.

I cook rice and a veggie (we had broccoli tonight) and bread!  THIS would also be amazing topped with an arugula tomato, avocado salad as I read in Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook aka my go to book now...so awesome!

OK...here are my photos...step by step and a little freezer bag "i don't like touching raw chicken" trick :-)

Fold over the top of your bag and then insert your chicken...

Fold the top bag over..NO MESS AT THE TOP!


In the bag...this is what mine looks like

Then, fold the top back over and just slide it onto your "raw chicken" platter/cookies sheet...staging area? haha

See...thin...ish :-)

 4 Chicken breasts gave me allllllll this!!!!

mmmm...raw chicken.... 

The dippppppp!

 Oil into the pan!

My production line!

 AND they're in!! sizzle sizzle siiiizzzzzle...

 Golden brown yumminess

 Rice, chicken, broccoli, garlic bread via Instagram...hit me up :-) @3girls_and_a_boy!!

This takes no time at all and you most likely have it all on hand...if it isn't breakfast for dinner it's this on a lazy or rough day ;-)



Life Changes

alright...my peeps

My life changes on monday...kids, emma is already in preschool so taitum will be adjusting, to school/daycare aka my awesome friend is watching her and i go back to school!!!


this means (not that i posted frequently BUT) the posts may lack a little...not totally stop...just...lack

family...school...my house...blog...that is how my life goes

i will be posting my monthly menu soon...friday's are going to be deemed "CrockPot night" since I am at school 8-5 with 2 classes that day so the last thing i know i will want to do is cook...so excuse my rants that i know will come since i may have to vent some stress haha BUT that degree, a steady job, a steady income = happy family, full family, vacation, and me being happy with what i am doing

i am super excited...the hubs leaves for a couple weeks again end of july so those couple weeks will be quite interesting but then he's home....AND



so...the journey continues!!!



Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sweet Summer Secret Swap REVEAL!!!

I LOOOOOOVE gift swaps!!! I really truly love getting snail mail, no matter if it's a letter or box...just fun!


So I came home last week to a box from Michelle over at Apples and ABC's and oooooh man did she send some super cool stuff!!

SEE...it was even in a gift bag in the box!! with the cutest note!

How awesome are these goodies and the cute notes!!!

Michelle put the above cute notes in each of the AWESOME KITCHEN MATCHING canisters!!!


AGAIN...How cute are these?!? Totally go with my yellow, blue & white kitchen!!

 And the chalkboard labels! PERFECT!!

 Now seriously...go check both of them out!!