Saturday, July 28, 2012


TIME FLIES!!! is going great...things I have learned...

1. i now watch every advertisement (I'm majoring in Advertising) and find the brilliance in the really good one's and the not so brilliance in the not so exciting one's

2. i can draw...not well..yet. but it's getting there.

3. FOLLOW ME ON's the new cool thing and photos are so fun plus you meet some really awesome people and find some really cool blogs... @3girls_and_a_boy (i like to take photos of my food...just a warning)

4. i am learning to be more patient.  drawing takes a lot of patience...especially from a person with close to none

5. i still have issues with time management...homework is getting done but i need a schedule and school is done in Quarters so the weeks FLY

I think, so far, that's brother is getting married in 2 MONTHS!!! so super excited!!! I'm headed to the bachelorette party in Palm Desert this coming weekend! soooooo excited!!!!

I feel this is very neglected and, in my time management managing hahaha, i'm trying to figure it out...anyone have any good planners out there!!?? I have about 3 of them and it drives me nuts...for now...catch me over on Instagram!!! I've been doing A LOT; finally made Quick Mix (which has saved me A LOT of time with muffins, pancakes, etc), I made the four less peanut butter chocolate chip cookies on Pinterest, and thanks to Desirée over at the 36th avenue, Emma is getting i'm off to make a menu for August!!!

I'll be back!!!

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease!!!



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