Friday, December 16, 2011

Holy Poo

So this is a vent...sorry...I's the holiday' bad

I have decided to delete my personal FB page...holy adults and their drama rama!!!

I mean for reals...grow up and get over it...dust it off..start aren't a tree stuck in the ground, so if you don't like where you are or what's going on...MOVE ON...

OK...that's all..I am going to make sure I have all of the pictures saved these next few days.

You will find me still on here (more often because I think this is more fun anyway), Pinterest & Instagram.

I figure...if you have my phone number and/or e-mail, well then that should be enough if you truly need to get a hold of me.

Yes, this is also partly why I haven't posted lately...Christmas this year is not decorated in our house (we won't be home and my husband wanted to wait until he got home but now he's home a week before Christmas which was later than we thought...sorry...I'm not pulling it all out for a week)...the spirit is there and Emma is SOOOOOO excited...I am kind of grinchy because I see all of these crazy sales and "2 DAY SUPER DEALS" and due to craziness that is life and unexpected BIG bills...oh well...big gifts next year and I am trying to make as much as possible without Emma noticing...haha I know...funny...trying to hide ANYTHING from the nosey 3 year old is almost impossible!

ok...THAT is all...I swear I will be my old, chipper self once all of this is done...I actually think it will be a relief...I mean come's the internet and a page...on the's not going anywhere...BUT I AM...BUUUAHAHAHAHA...take that you addicting facebook-ness hahahaha

ok...I hope everyone else is ready for the holiday's!!!! haha ;-)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Oh the things that have been going on this weekend through today hahaha...the hubs got home reeeeeeeeeeeeeealllllllly early this morning and had to head into work at 9 and he's back at his Navy-ness tomorrow morning at 0430 BUT then he's on leave for about a month!

no we have not (and probably will not) decorated for Christmas...the spirit is still much alive but we will not be home so...we are "decorating" with art projects :).  The hubs wanted to wait until he got Christmas is next week and we won't be here so...we will go all out next year...

here are some pictures and an AWESOME video of Emma rockin' out to the intro of "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen was was cold...Taitum was asleep...THIS was how we killed it was my older brothers' amazingly fantastic idea!!'s amazing hahahaha

and here are some pictures of projects I did today...and stuff that has been going on...I can't get my pictures from my camera to load so I am going to try again tomorrow and post about my AMAZING Cold Hands, Warm Hearts usps hates me...i just may be sending my re-made and re-purchased gift to her via UPS store...anyway...haha here you are :)

 copy..dogs? haha

 My $4.99 door mat from Ikea...spray paint...homemade stencil...a little permanent marker outline...not too bad...the "M" could be better...but it's good to be stepped on for now :)

 SHE WENT TO THE ZOO WITH NONA AND AUNTIE ANGIE AND FED A GIRAFFE!!! That is Auntie Angie...and yes Emma is wearing a giraffe headband and she has a belt on with a tail hahaha

Another Ikea awesomeness!!! the plate...$1 each in the "as-is" section and the candle stick holders are 49 cents...I LOVE IT!! Totally goes with my yellow walls and white-washed furniture!!...nothing a little gorilla glue can't handle!!

PS...yes if you follow me on Instagram (momdad2girls_brutus), you have already seen these photos...sorry...but they are pretty awesome hahahaha ;-)

I hope everyone is having a great week!!!

~ Lisa

Friday, December 9, 2011


Life is sucking the life out of me...BUT...BUT...THE GIRLS ARE GOING TO THEIR NONA'S TOMORROW...OVERNIGHT!

That's right...Sunday morning will be filled with:

1...HOT and consumed HOT cup of coffee

2...a morning jog without pushing a jogger!

3...a shower...BY MYSELF..or you know what..I just might take a bubble bath..HA! should take...not that long haha

5...I will reupholster my wingback chair I got from the Salvation 2 months ago haha BFF, Nina, and I are GOING TO BINGO ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!! That's right..the last time I went, I got yelled at...apparently I talk to too much hahahaha

oh and so much I recuperate this weekend from the amazingness that are my children, I will get back on this train!!

I love blogging...just the happens...I'm cruising through it...Pidg...I'm in my own kind of funk and honestly don't feel the Christmas spirit this year...maybe it's because the hubs wants us to wait for him to come home before we start decorating and get a tree (that sentence doesn't totally make sense to me get it...right?)

OK...maybe i'll win a game of bingo on saturday...that would be diaperless, bottle-less, no talking back to me weekend starts at 10 am tomorrow!!!

until then!!! I will be back Monday...I have some sleep...and mental rest to take :)

~ Lisa

Monday, December 5, 2011

Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming...

I received the sweetest package from Char (<-- her blog..she is super fun!), my Cold Hands Warm Hearts swap buddy...I mean the ring she made is precious & the cupcakes are UH-FREAKING-DORABLE...and of course I LOVE the gloves! I will post a pic ASAP...and of course my super awesome ornament from Lindsey my ornament swap partner with Miss Mommy's Ornament Exchange! i the only one who feels under crafty when they receive awesome stuff handmade by crafty crafters?!?!


I have a love/hate...more towards the dislike portion side of that with the USPS...and banks but that's another story haha...99.9% of the time I get the grumpy postal worker (except our actual postman...he's awesome) I've been to the post a bit because um duuuuh it's Christmas tiiiiiime!!

I am having a "poo day" as I like to call them...The girls and i went on 4 mile walk because it was nice out and I wanted mexican food um ok Emma said mom can i have a burrito and i said sure but we have to walk...that's how I justified this:

YUMMMMMMMM...Emma was apparently hungry hahaha

"poo" days consist of no energy, not wanting to cook, unexpected chunks of funds being spent (which extra sucks during the holidays), having to tell Emma "no we can't go do that but we'll try to later" and "later" will eventually turn into "not anytime soon" because of funds BUT you know what...

Because Mike has a good job with the Navy, I get to stay home with the kiddo's and soak in all of their questions, show their eyes things they really have never seen before, tell them things they are just learning for the first time, we had another dance party with Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Phantom of the Opera, and Britney Spears...and Emma wanted to dance with Taitum so I held Taitum while Emma "held" her and they was so cute.  I wish there was someway I could have snapped a picture. OH and Emma has been on this "Elf" kick which is awesome because it's hilarious and Emma thinks it's funny so that's super awesome. oh my gawsh and every time Gavin Rossdale's song "Love Remains the Same" comes on she stops and looks at me and says "MOM this is the song you sing to me when I go to sleep!!!" yup...when she was a baby I sang that to her when she would go to sleep...I couldn't and still can't remember every word to any lullaby haha plus "rock a bye baby" creeps me out...time's just suck right now but it will get better...It's a new year in, what...4 weeks?!? that is just crazy town central!

Aside from Emma and Taitum and occasionally Mike 3 o'clock Ellen makes me crack up and will put me in an instant good mood...Emma calls Ellen the lady who dances and is funny on mommy's show hahaha

UGH oh man another part of today being poopy is Emma saw a commercial on TV a military homecoming or something about the holidays and started crying because she misses her daddy...he'll be back in a couple weeks so we went to the calendar and counted the days and that helped but she's 3 so time...there is no concept aside from when the sun comes up and the sun goes down but she's getting there and she tells EVERYONE about her daddy and how she's going to show him everything she's been doing or eating or he's going to take her places and he's going to think it's " so funny" or "so cool" or "he's going to laugh so hard because it's so funny" hahahaha

anywho...tomorrow is another day...AND I remembered to put the trash can on the curb so I'm not running downstairs super early in the morning in hopes that I didn't miss it hahaha...again hahaha. but I forgot to program the coffee...that's ok...gotta somehow hit up the market too tomorrow...

and remember...

Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

~ Lisa

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holy Patoooootey!

What a week...ok so far hahaha

So there is this amazingly NOT fantastical cold going around here and Emma and I caught it...BIG BOOOOO

Dad is on a training deployment so of course we get sick...I just haven't had the energy to do anything :(

and 430...Emma: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM MY EAR HUUUUUUURTS!!!! SHRIEKING!!! AND CRYING :(...I LOOOOATHE the emergency room on base...just pure hate it...and there is nothing worse than your child hysterically crying because something hurts :(...and of course dad isn't home so I tried everything before going

600...we are at the is super tired...Taitum actually fell asleep so car seat went into the single stroller and I carried Emma (while pushing the stroller with the car seat in it) up the little hill and into the we checked in...they checked her vitals and then back to the waiting room...{insert Jeopardy theme song....HERE}...a little boy maybe 5 years old? walks in with an iPad...SCORE.  she is instantly entertained (i don't know why I left mine at home so of course she played with my phone so it almost died but whatever...anyway).  I think I instantly go into zombie mode when we get there because usually when we get there it's a loooooot later so we get home around 2 or 4 in the morning.  Plus you're surrounded by sicklings so I was super scared Taitum was going to catch something (my awesome friends were totally going to come pick her up but luckily she just went back to sleep and so far she is still not sick...*knock on wood*).  Emma gets this like 10th wind of energy aroun 8 o'clock haha. We get to the room and after waiting some more the nurse practitioner comes in and checks her out.  Minor ear infection even though she's now bouncing off of the walls and says it doesn't hurt anymore...of course.  So to the after hours pharmacy we walked and grabbed her medications and home we went...we were home by 1030...not too shabby...and Taitum slept the whole night! She has been sleeping the entire night but I just wasn't sure after all of that so that was nice...of course Emma HAD to stay awake because "Mom I have to look for Christmas lights!!" she did not fall asleep in the  Only up side to that was that I gave her, her medication and then she fell asleep...

So today...she slept in until about 830 which is AWESOME and Taitum was up around 645 but ate and then went back to sleep so guess what I I did not go back to sleep...I made coffee and took a shower hahaha.  

Do you ever have those moments of hunger and reach for coffee?? Please tell me I am not the only one hahaha...that happened today...three times...I feed my kids healthy meals and snacks...I seriously need to start doing that for myself too...I'm a snacker and I eat dinner...yeah Back Asswards I know but I'm working on it haha

OK so this is what is getting me through these days until my husband gets home:

1. Tomorrow night I am going to attempt to take the girls to the Christmas awesomeness at Balboa Park!!! It is so much fun!!!!

2. Saturday the girls and I are driving up to see my brother for the day and his fiance...YAY

3. SUNDAY EMMA AND I ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! PS...Emma is totally fine now...she is still taking her medication but holy cow she is back to her normal 3 year old self

4.  Taitum is spending the day with Nona on Sunday so Emma and I are having a date...she misses dad A LOT so this will be fun!!

5. Mailing out my gifts for the gift exchanges!!! I know I'm a couple days late...They are in the mail by Saturday...I PROMISE!!!

6. NEXT WEEKEND I AM GOING TO BINGO WITH MY BESTIE!!! YES...BINGO...My mother in law is hanging with both girls...I am exhausted (hence the non editing of this post...)...I will be sleeping and getting some furniture done and BINGO SATURDAY NIGHT!!! 

I am really really really trying to stay on top of this blog because you all are super fantastical!!! I'm working on organizing my house while keeping the kids busy which means everything is all over the place haha.  

OH AND I'm hitting up a couple vintage resale stores next weekend...OMG I am excited...

OK...I need to get some sleep...I hope you all stay around! I have so many things I want to share and get finished!! The girls and I are taking a trip in January so my posts will be from abroad...lots of pictures and crafts and then when we get home I hope to be totally rejuvinized and ready to totally dominate!!!

The holidays are exhausting so I'm going to be working on a "bucket/conquer list" (not sure what to title it yet) for next year and I will be ready for the holiday season on time next year! I'm determined!!! I am in need of some sleep...OH...THE GIRLS HAD PICTURES DONE BY THE AMAZING JUNEBERRY PHOTO AND STYLED BY 3 RING CIRCUS!!! THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!

OK...this post is all over the place hahaha...sorry...I am going to bed...Here are a few pics from the girls' picture session!! OH and I am going to change the layout to Christmas...I swear....I will get to it hahaha

Love you aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!

Hooking up here!!

{For some reason I can't get the button for the blog hop to come up :(...I'm not totally literate when it comes to HTML stuff though haha}