Friday, December 16, 2011

Holy Poo

So this is a vent...sorry...I's the holiday' bad

I have decided to delete my personal FB page...holy adults and their drama rama!!!

I mean for reals...grow up and get over it...dust it off..start aren't a tree stuck in the ground, so if you don't like where you are or what's going on...MOVE ON...

OK...that's all..I am going to make sure I have all of the pictures saved these next few days.

You will find me still on here (more often because I think this is more fun anyway), Pinterest & Instagram.

I figure...if you have my phone number and/or e-mail, well then that should be enough if you truly need to get a hold of me.

Yes, this is also partly why I haven't posted lately...Christmas this year is not decorated in our house (we won't be home and my husband wanted to wait until he got home but now he's home a week before Christmas which was later than we thought...sorry...I'm not pulling it all out for a week)...the spirit is there and Emma is SOOOOOO excited...I am kind of grinchy because I see all of these crazy sales and "2 DAY SUPER DEALS" and due to craziness that is life and unexpected BIG bills...oh well...big gifts next year and I am trying to make as much as possible without Emma noticing...haha I know...funny...trying to hide ANYTHING from the nosey 3 year old is almost impossible!

ok...THAT is all...I swear I will be my old, chipper self once all of this is done...I actually think it will be a relief...I mean come's the internet and a page...on the's not going anywhere...BUT I AM...BUUUAHAHAHAHA...take that you addicting facebook-ness hahahaha

ok...I hope everyone else is ready for the holiday's!!!! haha ;-)



  1. Facebook is like school - you're better off when you've left ;) Vent and then enjoy your christmas!

  2. Oh poor thing you're just overloaded. Venting is part of blogging, it's all good! This is the time to come up with your own traditions. Just be creative girlfriend!

  3. So true!! Love your cute blog and excited to follow you now :) Thanks for your sweet comment on our FB page :) XOXO



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