Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Oh the things that have been going on this weekend through today hahaha...the hubs got home reeeeeeeeeeeeeealllllllly early this morning and had to head into work at 9 and he's back at his Navy-ness tomorrow morning at 0430 BUT then he's on leave for about a month!

no we have not (and probably will not) decorated for Christmas...the spirit is still much alive but we will not be home so...we are "decorating" with art projects :).  The hubs wanted to wait until he got Christmas is next week and we won't be here so...we will go all out next year...

here are some pictures and an AWESOME video of Emma rockin' out to the intro of "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen was was cold...Taitum was asleep...THIS was how we killed it was my older brothers' amazingly fantastic idea!!'s amazing hahahaha

and here are some pictures of projects I did today...and stuff that has been going on...I can't get my pictures from my camera to load so I am going to try again tomorrow and post about my AMAZING Cold Hands, Warm Hearts usps hates me...i just may be sending my re-made and re-purchased gift to her via UPS store...anyway...haha here you are :)

 copy..dogs? haha

 My $4.99 door mat from Ikea...spray paint...homemade stencil...a little permanent marker outline...not too bad...the "M" could be better...but it's good to be stepped on for now :)

 SHE WENT TO THE ZOO WITH NONA AND AUNTIE ANGIE AND FED A GIRAFFE!!! That is Auntie Angie...and yes Emma is wearing a giraffe headband and she has a belt on with a tail hahaha

Another Ikea awesomeness!!! the plate...$1 each in the "as-is" section and the candle stick holders are 49 cents...I LOVE IT!! Totally goes with my yellow walls and white-washed furniture!!...nothing a little gorilla glue can't handle!!

PS...yes if you follow me on Instagram (momdad2girls_brutus), you have already seen these photos...sorry...but they are pretty awesome hahahaha ;-)

I hope everyone is having a great week!!!

~ Lisa


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