Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holy Patoooootey!

What a week...ok so far hahaha

So there is this amazingly NOT fantastical cold going around here and Emma and I caught it...BIG BOOOOO

Dad is on a training deployment so of course we get sick...I just haven't had the energy to do anything :(

and 430...Emma: MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM MY EAR HUUUUUUURTS!!!! SHRIEKING!!! AND CRYING :(...I LOOOOATHE the emergency room on base...just pure hate it...and there is nothing worse than your child hysterically crying because something hurts :(...and of course dad isn't home so I tried everything before going

600...we are at the is super tired...Taitum actually fell asleep so car seat went into the single stroller and I carried Emma (while pushing the stroller with the car seat in it) up the little hill and into the we checked in...they checked her vitals and then back to the waiting room...{insert Jeopardy theme song....HERE}...a little boy maybe 5 years old? walks in with an iPad...SCORE.  she is instantly entertained (i don't know why I left mine at home so of course she played with my phone so it almost died but whatever...anyway).  I think I instantly go into zombie mode when we get there because usually when we get there it's a loooooot later so we get home around 2 or 4 in the morning.  Plus you're surrounded by sicklings so I was super scared Taitum was going to catch something (my awesome friends were totally going to come pick her up but luckily she just went back to sleep and so far she is still not sick...*knock on wood*).  Emma gets this like 10th wind of energy aroun 8 o'clock haha. We get to the room and after waiting some more the nurse practitioner comes in and checks her out.  Minor ear infection even though she's now bouncing off of the walls and says it doesn't hurt anymore...of course.  So to the after hours pharmacy we walked and grabbed her medications and home we went...we were home by 1030...not too shabby...and Taitum slept the whole night! She has been sleeping the entire night but I just wasn't sure after all of that so that was nice...of course Emma HAD to stay awake because "Mom I have to look for Christmas lights!!" she did not fall asleep in the  Only up side to that was that I gave her, her medication and then she fell asleep...

So today...she slept in until about 830 which is AWESOME and Taitum was up around 645 but ate and then went back to sleep so guess what I I did not go back to sleep...I made coffee and took a shower hahaha.  

Do you ever have those moments of hunger and reach for coffee?? Please tell me I am not the only one hahaha...that happened today...three times...I feed my kids healthy meals and snacks...I seriously need to start doing that for myself too...I'm a snacker and I eat dinner...yeah Back Asswards I know but I'm working on it haha

OK so this is what is getting me through these days until my husband gets home:

1. Tomorrow night I am going to attempt to take the girls to the Christmas awesomeness at Balboa Park!!! It is so much fun!!!!

2. Saturday the girls and I are driving up to see my brother for the day and his fiance...YAY

3. SUNDAY EMMA AND I ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! PS...Emma is totally fine now...she is still taking her medication but holy cow she is back to her normal 3 year old self

4.  Taitum is spending the day with Nona on Sunday so Emma and I are having a date...she misses dad A LOT so this will be fun!!

5. Mailing out my gifts for the gift exchanges!!! I know I'm a couple days late...They are in the mail by Saturday...I PROMISE!!!

6. NEXT WEEKEND I AM GOING TO BINGO WITH MY BESTIE!!! YES...BINGO...My mother in law is hanging with both girls...I am exhausted (hence the non editing of this post...)...I will be sleeping and getting some furniture done and BINGO SATURDAY NIGHT!!! 

I am really really really trying to stay on top of this blog because you all are super fantastical!!! I'm working on organizing my house while keeping the kids busy which means everything is all over the place haha.  

OH AND I'm hitting up a couple vintage resale stores next weekend...OMG I am excited...

OK...I need to get some sleep...I hope you all stay around! I have so many things I want to share and get finished!! The girls and I are taking a trip in January so my posts will be from abroad...lots of pictures and crafts and then when we get home I hope to be totally rejuvinized and ready to totally dominate!!!

The holidays are exhausting so I'm going to be working on a "bucket/conquer list" (not sure what to title it yet) for next year and I will be ready for the holiday season on time next year! I'm determined!!! I am in need of some sleep...OH...THE GIRLS HAD PICTURES DONE BY THE AMAZING JUNEBERRY PHOTO AND STYLED BY 3 RING CIRCUS!!! THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!

OK...this post is all over the place hahaha...sorry...I am going to bed...Here are a few pics from the girls' picture session!! OH and I am going to change the layout to Christmas...I swear....I will get to it hahaha

Love you aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!

Hooking up here!!

{For some reason I can't get the button for the blog hop to come up :(...I'm not totally literate when it comes to HTML stuff though haha}


  1. How cute are your girls?! And I love the new blog background!!

  2. Found you via the Tag-Along blog hop and love you already!! Love the pic on your about page...classic!! Just wanted to say thanks for joining us and linking up in the hop :) Following you on fb now too ;) Have a great weekend and hope you all feel better!!

  3. Thanks guys!!

    @Char...Thanks! I am mailing your stuff tomorrow! I SWEAR! haha

    haha Lacee thanks! and thanks for hosting too!!

  4. Thanks so much for joining in on our Tag-Along Thursday Blog Hop!! Em


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