Friday, June 29, 2012

Applesauce...nom nom nom

Who doesn't love applesauce...ok i don't super duper love it BUT it is yummmmm in oatmeal...alone...dessert...and the kids and hubs looooove SO why not make it yourself!!!  I've made it before and then couldn't find my recipe but it's not difficult...I DID find this on Pinterest though!

What you need:

About 20 small apples or 10 medium one's, MIXED KINDS (enough to fill your crockpot about 3/4 or however much applesauce you want)
2 TBlspns Brown Sugar unpacked
A lemon
Cinnamon Stick (i got one from Sprouts for 10 cents)

ok so it's sooooo easy

Peel, core and cube all of your brother said he saw a recipe somewhere for peach applesauce...could be yummmmmm or you can throw in berries...whatever really!

Put your cubes into your crockpot.

Scoop your brown sugar on top, add a slice of lemon peel, and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

Stick your cinnamon stick on top and throw the lid on!!

Set your crock pot on LOW for 6 HOURS

I stir mine around every now and then but not often.

When it's done, grab your potato masher or you're cool and have a hand blender, emulsion thingy, then use that to make it whatever consistency you want your applesauce to be!!  

It will stay canned for a little over a month in the fridge OR if you have little one's who are teething, freeze bits in an ice cube tray and let them suck on it!! it's applesauce YOU made so you so you KNOW how much sugar and what exactly is in it!

I'll post a picture up once it's all done :-)


-- Lisa

Thursday, June 28, 2012


so i've been working on some stuff....i seriously am in LOVE with my cameo!!!

Thanks to Pinterest, I have been inspired to do almost everything! From make a crazy fondant cake to build a house hahahaha...inspired...not actually "do" hahaha

But I saw this:

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

I'm not sure where the actual project link is because the Pinterest link takes me to the Google homepage... :-/

SOOOO going off of this photo it was pretty self explanatory...

1...measure the space you want to put your sign
**no photo of this...i just took my cameo mat and held it to the fit hahaha so my letters were to be 12x12 inches

2...create sign or purchase or email me and I will make it for a fee...or swap :-)

3...hang/stick sign to wall!


I used chalkboard vinyl...I MIGHT stick it onto a piece of wood because our walls are "bubbly" not flat soooooo if i want people to "make their mark" it may be difficult with bumps in the background

Either way...I LOOOOOVE how it turned out!! The best part about doing a project is when you start piecing it all together and you can see the outcome and it looks just as you imagined!!!

Have a fantastical Thursday night!!! 

-- Lisa

PS...i swear that window is going up soon...seriously though it is hahaha

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cold Beer?

I've been on a ROLL this week! 


So you know these whiteboard/chalkboards at Ikea? No? ok these:

This was Emma's 2nd birthday party...ignore the mullet...igggnooooooore hahahaha and her BFF Miss S!

OK know these?! so i had cut the legs off so it just looked like this:

sorry i'm really bad at remembering the before and during photos...

See the white board? It was supposed to be a "what's for dinner for the week" thingy...

 I had extra purple vinyl so since I was spraying over the vinyl it didn't really matter what color the vinyl was...

 Ignore my uneven spray painting...haha




**NOTE: THE EMPTY SPACE...I'm on the hunt for a changing table to re-vamp into storage/coffee bar! So anyone local in San Diego with a changing table they don't want...HIT ME UUUUUUP! haha

Yes I know the text isn't straight...I call that "character" ;-)

Have a fabulous night!!!

-- Lisa

The 36th AVENUE

Desk RE-DO

So once i start something i tend to forget to take the step by step photos so here we go:..sanded, wood filled, sanded, painted, and added knobs :-) which will be painted shortly :-)...BEST PART!!


Don't mind the window...that is coming next week ;-)

The inside of the desk looks the same...I'm going to go find a smaller glass knob for the top though but for now it's better than nothing ;-)

what do you think?! not too shabby, eh?

Hope you all are having a fantastical weekend!!!

-- Lisa

Friday, June 22, 2012

what has happened the past 2 days...


I saw these postings on Pinterest a while ago and our wall where the tv is needed an upgrade...we live in housing so we can't make crazy holes in the walls so the next best thing..FAUX!

SORRY...for some reason my lameness didn't take better before pictures so you just have to trust me when i say it's just plain white wall above the tv...

You see the "amazing" wires everywhere...and toys to pull out...and wires to pull out...yeah...NOT COOL WITH A 1 YEAR OLD!

SOOOOOO in came Pinterest and their amazing ideas...I saw this:

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

and this:

and the ideas came...I collaborated with the hubs aka showed him the photos and said "wouldn't this be cool!?!? we could hide the wires AND have a 'fireplace'!!!" AND TO MY SURPRISE HE SAID "that's pretty cool!"

so this is what we came up with!!


 The hubs measuring the sides of the "fireplace" after putting up the "brick wall".... we got this sheet of faux brick at Lowe's in the lumber section and one sheet fit perfectly!!!  He used the jigsaw to cut out holes for the wires to feed through and to fit around the vent on top...


 IT'S UP!!!! we got one of those stick on decorations for the middle as you came out really cool!! A WHOLE LOT better than a plain white wall!!

 sorry so dark...

 little better?

 THERE WE GO!!! I LOVE THE STAIN!!!!  The hubs put chalkboard paint in the "fire" to make it look like it was on fire...

I'm thinking of putting the chalkboard paint in the whole area...

Pretty snazzy eh!!??  I'm in love with it!! I'm thinking a bookshelf on either side will be awesome...stay tuned...what do you guys think? better than a plain white wall...i think so haha

-- Lisa


DIY Show Off

The 36th AVENUE

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Consuming Pinterest Day 6

Tonight (yesterday haha) we had ok I had...Avocado, spinach, pesto, mozzarella, parmesan & ricotta grilled cheese in a pita...THIS IS AMAZING!

I didn't read the recipe because it's grilled cheese...can't be that hard

instead of bread, i used a wheat pita...the hubs and emma wanted regular grilled cheese so I used the honey wheat bread I made and threw some grilled cheese on the griddle!

i throw butter all over the bread...layer the cheese inside and then GRIDDLE! I flip when the cheese is just melted and the, depending on the thickness of your slices, it should only take another minute or so

num num nummmmm

NOW MINE!!! My griddle is nonstick but there was still butter on there from the sandwiches which i think helped out a here's how i layered!!

I didn't have any mozzarella and had already been to the store sooooo i did have shredded parmesan and grated romano which i think worked just as don't need salt and pepper because the pesto is pretty zesty and delicious!

And then just place it on your griddle or fry pan!!

This was soooooooo good!!!! and really easy so it will be made again! a little baked zucchini chips on the side would be super yummy with this i think or the chickpea, tomato basil salad!!!