Thursday, June 21, 2012

Consuming Pinterest Day 5

holy pattooooooootey...chicken schwarma = amaaaaazical...the super easy "tzatziki" sauce = super fantastic...the chickpea, tomato basil salad = YUMMMMMM

OK is how i tweaked the recipe:

- I did not have chicken thigh strips but i had bone in, skin on chicken thighs...worked just fine since they shred really easily after being in the crock pot

- I did not have curry powder so I threw a dash of ground ginger in there

- I did not have garlic cloves but i did have minced garlic so i threw in the equivalent to 3 cloves mmmm

This recipe canNOT get much easier....i sprayed my crockpot with nonstick cooking spray because I am anal like that...put the chicken in (which was frozen), mixed all of the ingredients together, poured over the chicken, set the crock pot on high for 5 1/2 hours and VOILA...moist, succulent, delicious chicken!!!!

The Tzatziki sauce is so easy....i chopped my cucumber into quarter slices, poured the plain greek yogurt on top and mixed!! I also threw a little chives on top yum!!!!

Chop you tomato, grab you pita and FILL!!!

It is beyond easy...the kids even loved it.  I would even say this is a really good potluck or bbq party side salad for the summer.  It's light and filling and the grabanzo beans add a nice crunch,

Here we go:

Here is an easy way to chop your basil too...clean them, stack you leaves, roll them, slice down the middle, and then chop from right to left or left to right...instant ribbons!!

And you have a yummy Mediterranean dinner!!! 


-- Lisa


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