Monday, June 18, 2012


OOOOOOH...this was amazical!!!

OK so i apologize for the's been a busy week with preschool starting, 65th wedding anniversary party, baptism's, blessings, and a 1 year old party!!! 

PHEW!! ok so we had this for dinner last night:

Romano crusted chicken with bacon wrapped asparagus...WHAAAAAT?!?! AMAZING!!!!

OK so...the chicken was fantastic but here is how I tweaked it...sorry Martha!!!

Chicken is a little pricey and usually the boneless, skinless is more expensive than the bone in, skin on...not yesterday so i made mine with boneless, skinless breasts...pretty fantastical.  No need to change the cooking temp or time...25 min made them sooo moist and delicious!!  I also used bread crumbs instead of 2 slices of bread.  I had them on hand and it was just easier.

OK so it's super easy!!! line a baking sheet with foil...I sprayed some cooking spray.

Turn your oven to 375 F

This is how I "bread" chicken...sprinkle bread crumbs onto your baking sheet, place chicken on the baking sheet, sprinkle/douse romano cheese on each breast, sprinkle bread crumbs on top of cheese, and then season with salt and paper...done

Bake for 25-30 min...25 worked perfect!! I placed them into a serving dish and covered with foil to keep warm.

now...the asparagus...the recipe says to marinate the spears for 1 1/2 hours. um no, I am NOT that patient! So, before I started the chicken, I snapped the asparagus and placed them in a bowl and covered them with Italian dressing so they probably soaked for about 30 minutes.

Once your chicken is done, turn up the heat to 400 F.  While the oven is spiking, wrap your asparagus!!!

I had small spears and thick turkey bacon, so I wrapped 3 spears to one bacon slice and then just put the rest of the asparagus (i grabbed a big bunch) onto the baking sheet.  I did NOT use sesame seeds

PS...THE BEST PART ABOUT LINING THE BAKING WITH FOIL..easy clean up and easy switching...take the foil off of your baking sheet from the chicken..if it leaked clean it off or use a new one (mine was fine), line it with another piece of foil and place your asparagus down! EASY!

Pop them into the oven for 30 minutes...we were hungry so i grabbed them at 25 and it was darn good!

this is the only photo i have :-/

so good!! Emma even loved them!!

ok so the artichokes!! i love artichokes...i looooooathe cooking them so I'm not sure I'll do this again unless I can get them trimmed and prepared for me hahaha...but lemme tell ya!!! THEY ARE GOOD!!!!

These instructions are so easy...trim, steam until moist, quarter, remove choke...douse with olive oil, season with romano cheese, salt, pepper, and garlic INSIDE THE LEAVES!! Pop them on to a hot grill and flip until the cheese is nice and crispy...5 minutes or more but less than 10 sooooo good!!!!

Tonight we are having Chicken Schwarma with chickpea and tomato salad!!

I am also making some Honey Whole Wheat sandwich bread right now!!


-- Lisa


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