Thursday, June 28, 2012


so i've been working on some stuff....i seriously am in LOVE with my cameo!!!

Thanks to Pinterest, I have been inspired to do almost everything! From make a crazy fondant cake to build a house hahahaha...inspired...not actually "do" hahaha

But I saw this:

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

I'm not sure where the actual project link is because the Pinterest link takes me to the Google homepage... :-/

SOOOO going off of this photo it was pretty self explanatory...

1...measure the space you want to put your sign
**no photo of this...i just took my cameo mat and held it to the fit hahaha so my letters were to be 12x12 inches

2...create sign or purchase or email me and I will make it for a fee...or swap :-)

3...hang/stick sign to wall!


I used chalkboard vinyl...I MIGHT stick it onto a piece of wood because our walls are "bubbly" not flat soooooo if i want people to "make their mark" it may be difficult with bumps in the background

Either way...I LOOOOOVE how it turned out!! The best part about doing a project is when you start piecing it all together and you can see the outcome and it looks just as you imagined!!!

Have a fantastical Thursday night!!! 

-- Lisa

PS...i swear that window is going up soon...seriously though it is hahaha


  1. AWW I love this! You won a giveaway at my blog. Email me :)


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