Monday, June 11, 2012


today was emma's first day of school for the summer session but technically her first day of actual pre-school...MOMENTOUS DAY!!!!! So proud of her!! it is a definite adjustment for her, as any child who is adjusting from a daycare setting to a more structured school setting, but she did well today :-).WOOO!!!

So taitum and I had a day...all day she kept saying "mmmmmA!!!" aka EMMA EMMA EMMA...threw in the "Consuming Pinterest" dinner around 11, started sanding my desk and then realized I had the wrong sanding disks (yeah i know...rookie mistake hahaha...note: make sure you are buying the VELCRO disks and not the STICKY one's hahaha or be smart ask the Lowe's rep hahaha). so the sanding will continue tomorrow and the desk will be DONE!!! I AM SO EXCITED TO SHOW YOU ALL!!

 before... far...
 oye...before...and then i realized i had the wrong sandpaper haha
drip marks stink...drip marks painted over 2 paint jobs stink even more...

I finally situated the entryway and am going to be working on organzing/purging the closets WHICH I am pretty excited about!!! We have a WILD ANIMAL PARK date with a bunch of amazing people thursday,  taitum turns the O-N-E on Friday and Noni and Nona have a very amazing 65th wedding anniversary on Saturday...we have a BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY for miss taitum next weekend and dad gets home...PHEW....My entryway will be totally finished this week and I am SO EXCITED to finally not have to worry about it every time i walk in the door haha

OOOOOH I ALMOST FORGOT!!! ok so...a piece of tempered glass for my kitchen table (below) = almost $ thank you...a piece of plywood = almost $30...better, but no thank you...a flat, hollow door = $25...better buuuuuut no thank you...3 shelves from the As-Is section at Ikea = $6...YES PLEASE!!! It works for now until a) i find a new piece for the kitchen table :( or b) I find a cheaper quote for a piece of glass haha...

this photo was from christmas. time i think, last year...I'll get some more up tomorrow :-)

The post for Consuming Pinterest today will be up maƱana!! it was YUMMMMM!!!!!! AND beyond easy!!! 

My BFF, Nina, got us tickets to Taste of La Mesa this evening for my biiiiirthday and it was soooooo yummy!!!!! THANK MOMMA!!!! and her wonderful momma stayed with her 2 munchkins and my 2 munchkins and then my brother came by to relieve her of my 2 haha...2 is easier than 4 :-)

I hope you all had a fantastic start to your week!!! Busy, fun times ahead :-)

-- Lisa


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