Friday, June 8, 2012

Consuming Pinterest Day 3!!

Another yummy day in this casa!!

On the menu:

Avocado, Tomato, Cucumber & Mozzarella Salad (for some reason the link associated with the pin doesn't work SO this is the link to her actual page :->)
30 Minute No-Knead Rolls (these have become a dinner staple if we want rolls with dinner)

OK...again...ok well I just realized earlier today haha the chicken is from the same amazing chica over at Budget Bytes !

This is pretty cut and dry simple but looks like a million bucks!!

what you need:

boneless skinless chicken (beth uses chicken breasts, cut in half...I used chicken thighs)


I broke out my cookie sheet, laid down some foil and put my trimmed thighs (or breasts) on there...DO NOT TOSS YOUR COOKIES SHEET...just replace the FOIL :-)

Heat up your grill outside or your grill pan inside...cook those suckers for about 6-7 minutes...THAT'S don't want them on there any longer because they are going to go into the broiler to melt the cheese so you don't want to dry out :-)

PS...If you have a lemon...cut it in half and you can rub it on your grill racks as a non-stick "cooking spray" ;-) harsh lemony taste either

Then put them onto your cookie sheet lined with a fresh foil sheet :-) Put your oven rack right above the middle but not too close to the don't want to char your cheese just melt it :-) now turn on the broiler!!

Let's start layering the pesto, tomato, and that order :-)

 A couple had the pesto left off for Taitum since there are pine nuts in pesto and I'm not sure about peanuts yet with her...I'm a "wait until they're 1 1/2 to try the things that are 'ok' for them to have at 1" person :-)

Plus side to you using breasts instead of thighs...the breasts will be bigger obviously is gone though so little thighs worked perfect the small stomachs in the house :-)

Pop those into the broiler for about 5 minutes!!! Check on them so your cheese doesn't melt too much :-)


My plate...yummm

Emma's plate num nummmmm

Taitum's bowl haha she ate about 3/4 of it before I could snag a photo hahaha.

I turned the broiler off but the oven was obviously still warm so I threw the rolls we had leftover from Parm Honey Pork Roast night into an oven safe dish and stuck them in the oven for a couple minutes to warm up and VOILA!!! WARM DINNER ROLLS!!

OK the salad is so easy...I bought one of those plastic containers of mozzarella medallions which was plenty for the chicken and salad..

Grab your tomatoes (i used 3 roma tomatoes), avocado (I used 2 avo's), cucumber (I used one big one), and mozzarella (I used about 4-5 medallions)

Chop them up chunky and toss!! you seriously don't need's really yummy!!!

YUMMMM!!! to store the leftover salad we had I squeezed some lemon juice into a tupperware and in the fridge it went!

ALRIGHT!! we are STUFFED!!! Tomorrow we are taking the day off!! We have a cake tasting date with my brother and his fiancé!! yummy and I am super excited they invited me and kiddo's! we definitely have leftovers so if we're hungry, leftovers it is! stay tuned for SUNDAY!! Healthy CrockPot recipe Greek Chicken and Quinoa Tabouleh!!! CAN'T WAIT!!


-- Lisa


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