Friday, June 8, 2012

Consuming Pinterest Day 2!!

Alright on the menu...ZUCCHINI PIZZA BOATS!!!

ok first things don't need a can eat 2 and be stuffed!!! so I'm glad I didn't make the cheesy cauliflower tater tots...carrots and ranch are a great side to this one!

and secondly...THESE ARE AMAZING!! and the even better most likely have everything in your kitchen.  I just had to get zucchini so this meal was seriously pocket change...$2.50...and done.

Here is the "they are amazically, fantastically YUMMY" proof :-)


OK...Beth over at Budget Bytes has some pretty fantastic recipes!!! I'm sooooo glad I found her through Pinterest!!

Alright let's start!!!  It is beyond easy!


(disregard the eggs, cauliflower, cream, oil and cheese on the right...those were for the cauliflower tater tots that we didn't end up making)


 SLICE your zucchini in half lengthwise somewhat even :-)

 Grab a little spoon and scoop out the centers (boats remember?) and put your zucchini scoops into a small bowl!!

 You're going to want to leave some meat on the sides...once you get past the seeds, it's sooooo easy...kind go like a pumpkin)...

i skipped a photo :-/... put your zucchini meat onto a cutting sheet/board and chop it don't want it mushy but just sliced up :-)

 Some zucchini boats may be a little wobbly...have no fear, the knife is here!!! just skim a SMALL piece of skin off to create a flat bottom :-)

 I had a HUGE can of tomato sauce so i just scooped 8 oz aka 1 cup into my zucchini mash and saved the rest :-)

 get your bread crumbs, italian seasoning (i don't have an italian seasoning blend so i threw some salt, pepper, oregano, and minced garlic in there) and parmesan cheese!

 this is the parmesan cheese i used instead of the shredded juuuuuust fine :-)

SET YOUR OVEN NOW...425 F for 15 minutes...if you feel like they need more time, just increase by 2 minutes at a time juuuuuust so the zucchini boats don't get tooooo soft :-)

Grab a cookie sheet and line it with foil or oil it...i prefer foil...less clean up could even spray some cooking oil on there in case you're like me and scared the cheese will get to the foil and the zucchini and then you accidentally eat a piece of foil and explode...hahahaha

 A little overflowage is ok but not too much (you'll see below haha)

This is how much "stuffing" i had left...

 Put your mozzarella cheese on top and grab a helper for the olives!! She eats too much of the cheese to help with the cheese hahahaha

THIS is what happens when you overflow the zucchini's hahaha BUT they taste juuuuuuust fine...I mean for reals..they were gone in minutes!!!!

carrots and ranch or maybe a little salad would be great with this!!! They are so filling and soooooo goooooooooood!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this!!! Tonight we're having grilled pesto chicken and avocado, cucumber, mozzarella, and tomato salad (i don't think the link for the pin works for the salad...)!!


-- Lisa


  1. I love following your Consuming Pinterest journey! These looks really good. I think i could probably get my toddler to eat these! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see what you are making next :)

    1. YAY!! thanks!!! oh man..Emma looooved them! she kept calling them pizza boooooooaaaaaats hahaha


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