Thursday, December 11, 2014

Stay Warm This Holiday

**School Project...I do not write for Lush** 

When it comes to staying warm and cozy during this holiday season, every adult should have the luxury to indulge. Whether it’s with our Hot Toddy Shower Gel or an actual Hot Toddy, the options are extremely giftable.

What is a Hot Toddy you ask? Well, let’s indulge with a little basket you could send to your dearest friend or relative and why not share a cup yourself?

Hot Toddy Kit

A little bourbon, a little cinnamon, a little honey, and lemon and you have yourself quite a Hot Toddy moment! To relive the warmth and entice your senses, we have your very own non-alcoholic version which attaches quite nicely to your basket. Our Festive Cheer gift is all wrapped up and ready for your senses.

Festive Cheer Gift

Most of all this holiday season, if enjoying this fantastic adult beverage, always designate a driver. 

Merry Christmas! 

What fits snug in a gift basket for that special adult in your life? You got it! Hot Toddy!

Cinnamon and ginger have quite the affair when enjoying our Hot Toddy Shower Gel. Why not enjoy it in a cup? Here’s how. - 120

DIY Hot Toddy Gift Basket with a bourbon? 21 and up to enjoy responsibly