Friday, June 22, 2012

what has happened the past 2 days...


I saw these postings on Pinterest a while ago and our wall where the tv is needed an upgrade...we live in housing so we can't make crazy holes in the walls so the next best thing..FAUX!

SORRY...for some reason my lameness didn't take better before pictures so you just have to trust me when i say it's just plain white wall above the tv...

You see the "amazing" wires everywhere...and toys to pull out...and wires to pull out...yeah...NOT COOL WITH A 1 YEAR OLD!

SOOOOOO in came Pinterest and their amazing ideas...I saw this:

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

and this:

and the ideas came...I collaborated with the hubs aka showed him the photos and said "wouldn't this be cool!?!? we could hide the wires AND have a 'fireplace'!!!" AND TO MY SURPRISE HE SAID "that's pretty cool!"

so this is what we came up with!!


 The hubs measuring the sides of the "fireplace" after putting up the "brick wall".... we got this sheet of faux brick at Lowe's in the lumber section and one sheet fit perfectly!!!  He used the jigsaw to cut out holes for the wires to feed through and to fit around the vent on top...


 IT'S UP!!!! we got one of those stick on decorations for the middle as you came out really cool!! A WHOLE LOT better than a plain white wall!!

 sorry so dark...

 little better?

 THERE WE GO!!! I LOVE THE STAIN!!!!  The hubs put chalkboard paint in the "fire" to make it look like it was on fire...

I'm thinking of putting the chalkboard paint in the whole area...

Pretty snazzy eh!!??  I'm in love with it!! I'm thinking a bookshelf on either side will be awesome...stay tuned...what do you guys think? better than a plain white wall...i think so haha

-- Lisa


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