Friday, December 9, 2011


Life is sucking the life out of me...BUT...BUT...THE GIRLS ARE GOING TO THEIR NONA'S TOMORROW...OVERNIGHT!

That's right...Sunday morning will be filled with:

1...HOT and consumed HOT cup of coffee

2...a morning jog without pushing a jogger!

3...a shower...BY MYSELF..or you know what..I just might take a bubble bath..HA! should take...not that long haha

5...I will reupholster my wingback chair I got from the Salvation 2 months ago haha BFF, Nina, and I are GOING TO BINGO ON SATURDAY NIGHT!!! That's right..the last time I went, I got yelled at...apparently I talk to too much hahahaha

oh and so much I recuperate this weekend from the amazingness that are my children, I will get back on this train!!

I love blogging...just the happens...I'm cruising through it...Pidg...I'm in my own kind of funk and honestly don't feel the Christmas spirit this year...maybe it's because the hubs wants us to wait for him to come home before we start decorating and get a tree (that sentence doesn't totally make sense to me get it...right?)

OK...maybe i'll win a game of bingo on saturday...that would be diaperless, bottle-less, no talking back to me weekend starts at 10 am tomorrow!!!

until then!!! I will be back Monday...I have some sleep...and mental rest to take :)

~ Lisa


  1. Thanks for following me back and leaving that awesome comment ;)I love your blog and can't wait to read more x


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