Monday, December 5, 2011

Just keep swimming...Just keep swimming...

I received the sweetest package from Char (<-- her blog..she is super fun!), my Cold Hands Warm Hearts swap buddy...I mean the ring she made is precious & the cupcakes are UH-FREAKING-DORABLE...and of course I LOVE the gloves! I will post a pic ASAP...and of course my super awesome ornament from Lindsey my ornament swap partner with Miss Mommy's Ornament Exchange! i the only one who feels under crafty when they receive awesome stuff handmade by crafty crafters?!?!


I have a love/hate...more towards the dislike portion side of that with the USPS...and banks but that's another story haha...99.9% of the time I get the grumpy postal worker (except our actual postman...he's awesome) I've been to the post a bit because um duuuuh it's Christmas tiiiiiime!!

I am having a "poo day" as I like to call them...The girls and i went on 4 mile walk because it was nice out and I wanted mexican food um ok Emma said mom can i have a burrito and i said sure but we have to walk...that's how I justified this:

YUMMMMMMMM...Emma was apparently hungry hahaha

"poo" days consist of no energy, not wanting to cook, unexpected chunks of funds being spent (which extra sucks during the holidays), having to tell Emma "no we can't go do that but we'll try to later" and "later" will eventually turn into "not anytime soon" because of funds BUT you know what...

Because Mike has a good job with the Navy, I get to stay home with the kiddo's and soak in all of their questions, show their eyes things they really have never seen before, tell them things they are just learning for the first time, we had another dance party with Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Phantom of the Opera, and Britney Spears...and Emma wanted to dance with Taitum so I held Taitum while Emma "held" her and they was so cute.  I wish there was someway I could have snapped a picture. OH and Emma has been on this "Elf" kick which is awesome because it's hilarious and Emma thinks it's funny so that's super awesome. oh my gawsh and every time Gavin Rossdale's song "Love Remains the Same" comes on she stops and looks at me and says "MOM this is the song you sing to me when I go to sleep!!!" yup...when she was a baby I sang that to her when she would go to sleep...I couldn't and still can't remember every word to any lullaby haha plus "rock a bye baby" creeps me out...time's just suck right now but it will get better...It's a new year in, what...4 weeks?!? that is just crazy town central!

Aside from Emma and Taitum and occasionally Mike 3 o'clock Ellen makes me crack up and will put me in an instant good mood...Emma calls Ellen the lady who dances and is funny on mommy's show hahaha

UGH oh man another part of today being poopy is Emma saw a commercial on TV a military homecoming or something about the holidays and started crying because she misses her daddy...he'll be back in a couple weeks so we went to the calendar and counted the days and that helped but she's 3 so time...there is no concept aside from when the sun comes up and the sun goes down but she's getting there and she tells EVERYONE about her daddy and how she's going to show him everything she's been doing or eating or he's going to take her places and he's going to think it's " so funny" or "so cool" or "he's going to laugh so hard because it's so funny" hahahaha

anywho...tomorrow is another day...AND I remembered to put the trash can on the curb so I'm not running downstairs super early in the morning in hopes that I didn't miss it hahaha...again hahaha. but I forgot to program the coffee...that's ok...gotta somehow hit up the market too tomorrow...

and remember...

Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

~ Lisa


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