Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Sunday...

OOOOOH MAN!!!!!!!!!!...I am sooo behind it is

like for reals...I have to get to the post office by Wednesday and Thursday to get my handmade gifts out for the gift exchanges...oh wait...I need to finish them first...

With the hubs gone, things get a million times harder...bed time...shower time...breakfast lunch and dinner time...errands...Emma and I have this crazy cold that is going around...ya know...


So I am truly sorry about the lack in posts...even now writing this, Emma just woke up Taitum and now she won't go back to sleep...I know she's fed...I know she's over tired now her crib she goes to cry soothe herself back to sleep...  He just left this morning and Emma is already on a's so much "fun".

Anyhow...I am sorry about the lack on my end...I am working on a ton of stuff and will post ASAP. I am also cooking up some awesome cookies for a Cookie Exchange so that will be posted also...

OK well...I am going to catch up on all of the cool and fantastic things you all have been up to and cruise through Pinterest (like I need to add things to my never-ending to do list hahaha)

So I will remind myself to breathe...again =)

Source: via Amanda on Pinterest

I hope everyone in the States (and all of you American's that are abroad) had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!  The hubs should be home soon so we will be waiting to actually decorate and get our tree but the crafts will begin on Thursday and I am working on an Advent Calendar for Emma!!

Sleep tight and Good Morning to everyone!!!


~ Lisa


  1. LIFE!. Oh how I love thee!. So crazy!. I know exactly how you feel. I had every intention of going to the craft store today to get all the supplies to get my ornament made and out etc....did that happen?.NOOOOOO!!!. Instead I did groceries, cleaned, worked, picked the kids up, made dinner, cleaned that up, put the kids to bed and now it's 7:35 pm. Hubs is on afternoons this week so it's just the girls and I all week for dinner etc. Oh and did I mention I have a "real life job" that I have to go to Tues, wed & Thurs?!?!. Oh and tonight I still have to shower, finish the laundry, iron for tomorrow, do my Tuesday Ten post and make a special order bracelet!.

  2. AAAHHH...I'm such a loser! I just saw this... :(. Yes life is a stinky butthole sometimes i swear hahaha...I'm totally dilerious so I gotta go to bed BUT I admire you girly!! You have so much going on and then you have your etsy um amazing esty shop and your super awesome blog...YOU GO GIRL!!!


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