Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Oh my gosh...the first thought when I checked my email...throughout the day haha....was WOW!! I HAVE FOLLOWERS!!!

Thanks for spreading the word and welcome!!!

I am still getting my feet wet in the blog world and I'm working on getting all of my projects on here, trying to make sure this is organized and trying to keep of track of everyone and reminding myself to follow you all bear with me haha...I will get better!

Like Pidg, I totally have "shiny object" syndrome, so if I get all over the place on some of my posts it's because something popped in my head that, if I don't write/type it down...I'll forget...or it was just important or funny that I HAD to share haha.

anyways...I can't find my glasses...the first pair I left at the airport security last year or maybe a couple years ago and Emma and I had to mooooooooooooove it to our gate and we were waaaaaaay too far away when I realized I got a new AWESOME pair...Emma thought, hey these are cool..I'm gonna play with not I can't see so the hunt will begin tomorrow..."yay".  I really like them...they're green and fun..i wiiiilllllll find them!!!

so Monday was Halloween!!! Yes I am late but I figure I'm going to get this all out there because yesterday...was pretty unproductive except for a couple crafts we did in the morning so...Halloween...super super fun...The girls and I met up with our awesome friends, Nina and Sophie, at Sea World (boo there was no candy or entertainment but it was still super fun). Then we went to our old neighborhood and did the awesome trick or treating!! 

Tuesday...not so exciting (I think we were all tired) but I was able to bust out the turkey onesie and mod-podged frame (coming soon...promise) with rick rack flower!!

Now today...was fun! we hit up the park in Coronado and then we went for a nice walk on the boardwalk on the bay and had an awesomely huge cupcake at Coronado Cupcakery and Emma chased the gross pigeons around...Taitum mastered the "sort of" holding her bottle technique...back home for "breakfast for dinner" and then bed...not too shabby. OH OH...and Emma went pee on the toilet ALL DAY!!! NO ACCIDENTS (we are potty training..yes she is 3...she is very stubborn and well...she's getting it done)

(I looooove Picasa's collage button hahaha...can you tell?)

I have so much more to share but I'm totally going cross-eyed...GAH I NEED MY GLASSES!!!! More tooooomorrow!!!

Thanks for stopping by!! I will get more uploaded tomorrow...gotta hit the sack and try to get up on time tomorrow morning...haha I know...funny :)

~ Lisa


  1. We luv family blogs over @ Yo Michael Michael! Found you through Soleil Selene. Please follow back. Have a great weekend :)


  2. Hi Kristina!!!...I already follow your blog :) thanks for coming by!


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