Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This title is how my brain is working right la la...ladeeda ladeeda jfdksa;hgioeahea;d


So I'm sure this happens every holiday season...yes I am least to me

As soon as Halloween is over I get totally overwhelmed.

It started last year because before last year, Emma wasn't old enough to grasp the concept of the amazingness that is Santa but starting last year it started. 

We have get to decorate now...crap where are the decorations?...shoot, we have should get pictures done of the kids; you know...memories. and so much more...I can't even think of all of the things that totally swamp my brain...OH FAMILY MEMBERS!! oh man...what do we get we have funds? and what about those friends whom are totally considered family...ok so this where I go into "what can I make" mode which is totally awesome since I found you amazing bloggers and PINTEREST AKA CRACK  haha.

OK...that's my rant for the's Wednesday right? I need coffee...STAT!!!



  1. Pinterest is crack. And salvation.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Cute!!!

    I'm your CHWH partner! I'm excited for you to get your box!

  3. hahaha yes it is!!

    Charissa!!! I totally thought i posted something but i guess not haha..i am soooooooo stoked!!! i read your "about" section the other day...oh man am I excited to send you your box!! PS..I LOVE STARBUCKS!!


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