Monday, November 14, 2011

Footprint Turkey!

OK I am so excited for Christmas to come and to start all of the projects with Emma and almost forgot about Thanksgiving/Turkey crafts so here we go :)

NOTE: Child may squirm/giggle because it tickles hahaha

Materials I used:

Glue (like Elmer's or a glue stick)
Beige acrylic paint (or brown...)
googley eyes
festive construction paper
white poster board (holds up better with the footprint than construction paper)
orange felt (cut into a triangle for the beak)
optional: bow...Emma said the turkey was a princess so it needed a bow

Not too much a tutorial...kind of self explanatory...

paint the bottom of the foot...stamp the foot on the white (or whatever color)...make sure to press all of the toes down haha

Cut out your foot as close as you can or how you want

Next...get your festive construction paper.  I used, beige, brown, orange and red.  Cut them int "feather" shapes" them how you would like them behind your foot.

I taped them together because every time I do stuff like this, I always end up gluing too quickly and then they aren't where I wanted them haha so I tape them before I glue this:

and yes I name and date things like this :)

Take your glue (I just used regular glue or a glue stick would work too) and glue to your paper :)

Next, flip it over...glue your beak first...this way you know where you want your eyes...and then I glued the red turkey throat thingy OH I used glue dots for the eyes...just made me feel better that they would stay put

OK so when I was didn't look like enough feather so I made bigger one's...I like how it turned out :)

The Emma's Princess Turkey Footprint hahaha

you could totally go nuts and and use felt too! that would be fun!!

Happy Monday!!!!



  1. How cute! I totally posted some thanksgiving kids' crafts on my blog and got flack because I said "it's not about the handprint turkey anymore." This'll just rub it in more. Very cute, btw and I think I might do this with my daughter. Stopping by from Wanna Bee's linky party.

  2. FUN!! I agree...the handprint is soooo last year haha or however many years ago hahaha. Thanks for coming by!

  3. Super cute! My kids are going to love it! Glad I found you! Would love for you to stop by our linky party and share it again!! Hope to see you there.

  4. This is awesome! I have been thinking about doing something like this! Thanks for stopping over at my blog. :-)


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