Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby/Face Wipes...FINALLY

I have FINALLY made my own baby wipes/face wipes (yes I wipe my face at night with the same wipe, ok not the SAME wipe haha, I wipe Taitum's butt with).  I purposely did not buy wipes when I was running so I could try out what I found on white house, black shutters via Pinterest. Um...these are AMAZING!!!

Here is Ann Marie's tutorial.

Here is what I used:

Here is what mine looked like after I cut the roll in half with my non-serrated knife...maybe my knife wasn't sharp enough...hahaha

I only have 1 tupperware that holds 7 cups so I made the 2 cup mixture in my 4 cup measuring cup (which was good because it definitely "allowed for splashing" like Ann Marie states).

I mixed 2 cups of water, a heaping spoon of coconut oil (i had to liquefy mine...I put the heaping spoonful into a saucepan with about a tablespoon amount of water and it melted in no time), and a squirt of the night-time bath soap and then poured it into my container, put half my roll in, squished it down and flipped it over!

This works BEAUTIFULLY!!! I didn't have the "select your size" but it still works fantastic! 

I'm going to get more plastic-wear becuase right now I'm taking this one upstairs and downstairs least 2 more will be upstairs...and one in the bathroom mixed with Cetaphil Face Wash instead of baby soap haha.

~ Lisa


  1. These look FAB Lisa!! I would MUCH rather wipe my face off after a long day then wash it because I am LAZY!! I might have to try this out!!

  2. That is so cool. I saw something similar on pinterest before too. Thanks for stopping by my blog, glad I found yours :)

  3. Thanks guys!!! PS..they work awesome as makeup wipes too least they wipe off my mascara haha.

    Marissa I am so lazy at the end of the day too haha.


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