Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Turkey Onesie...NO SEW

Turkey "No-Sew" Onesie!!

OK...Once I learn how to use my sewing machine then these will be washable heehee but as of right now...Let's hear it for the hot glue gun!! WOOOO!! YAY!!

Pinterest Inspiration:

Source: etsy.com via Lisa on Pinterest


Brown Onesie
Festive Felt (I used red, yellow, green & blue for the "tail")
White felt circles (eyes) 
Black smaller felt circles (eyes)
Red (turkey thing haha)
Orange felt triangle (beak)
Glue Gun
Little Bow (if it's for a little girl)

alright here's how I did it:

I cut out rectangle shapes for the feathers and just free handed the shape with a permanent marker.  I cut those out and placed them on the butt of the onesie and put some glue and the tips and then glued them on to make sure they stayed.

*Note: The onesie I had on hand had these ruffles so I made the feathers shorter.

After that I flipped the onesie over to do the face.

I found this to be easiest...

Put the beak where you want it and then place the white eyes on top so when you pick up the beak to put glue on, you know where to put it back :). Then glue the whites down, glue the black part down in the middles (cross-eyed look), glue down your turkey wattle (I just free-handed it from the inspiration photo and then cut it out...yes backwards haha).  

I added a little bow because I have girls!

THAT'S IT!! Super easy right!! and if you have all of this in your house it's totally free!!

Taitum sporting her Turkey Onesie and Festive Halloween Hair Bow!!! And Emma helping Taitum sit haha..When I hold Taitum, it looks like the feathers are coming out of her skirt hahaha

I'm thinking of making another one with a tutu for my crazy 3 year old!!! I'll let you know how that turns out!

~ Lisa


  1. cute! and I just invited some of the bloggy community to check you out:) I'm your newest follower:):)
    Do you want to be featured on my bloggy? I have this thing I do on Mondays called "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" - you answer questions and voila! exposure!

  2. Hey I'm from San Diego! Okay, I found you from Nay {she and I kind of go hand in hand} so here's my question. I "followed" you at the top of your blog because your Google Friends Connect didn't show up on the side. {we all have this problem} But does it show me as a follower to you?

    I wish my babies still wore onesies...teenagers...probably not huh? haha!

  3. Awww this is too freaking cute. Maybe I'll make that in my size haha.


  4. very cute! looks simple and fun! so glad nay sent me your way! xo

  5. @Nay Oh my gosh thank you so much for sharing on your blog!! Sure that would be super fun!! Thanks again!!

  6. @PidgFun!! I'm so glad cooler weather is deciding to show up here haha. Thanks for following! I don't see ya as a follower :(...I'm still, obviously, new to the blog world haha so I'm not sure what's up but if you have tips then I will fix it :)...no joke I think I'm gonna make one for everyone in my family and try to get a turkey picture HAHA!...we'll see...

  7. @LyTHANKS!! I followed you by e-mail...darn glitchy GFC :)

  8. @hannah singerThanks!! Nay is great to have sent you all over here!!

  9. SO cute!!!! Learning to sew is on my to-do list as well. But ain't no shame in the hot glue gun! So excited to be following you now :)

  10. WAY WAY cute!! Love how it turned out :) Cutest lil turkey! I would love for you to link up to my diy fashion linky! It's called DIY Diva Thursdays and we party every TH-M :) Hope to see you!

    Visiting from TT&J


  11. Haha totally Lacee!!!

    That's awesome Kara!! Thanks!!! I going to head over for sure!


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