Friday, November 11, 2011

All I can do is....

It's been one of those crazy "everything is going bonkers at once" weeks. Hence why I haven't posted anything :(...I've been super exhausted so I just go to bed at night...I know weird...who does that??

I should have saw it coming though, honestly. The husband is out training and everything allllllways happens when he leaves haha.

Well, Monday my sister in law picked up Emma for 2 days of fun so I thought
"COOL!!! I'm going to get tons of stuff done!!" hahahaha. Taitum and I ran around but, ok, we got a lot done just not what I had planned. Wednesday...oooooooh Wednesday....taitum and I went to Big Lots to get one of those water pitchers with the spout thing for your this hahaha

Went out to leave $15 later (grabbed a couple other things too haha) = dead. I mean cooooooome ooooooooon!!!!

So I called my testy BFF, Nina...she lives right around the corner...taitum and I hung out in the trunk of my wagon mom-mobile (SO lucky she's such a good baby...ok no I'm not lucky I'm awesome hahahaha). Ok up side's: wasn't hot, I have the greatest friend, and Taitum was good...down side: I went to spend $15 at Big Lots and left spending $107 on a new battery (but no really I am so happy Nina came with her trusty AAA card & Sam the Man was able to help...YAY but still frustrating)...GRRRR AND oh AND (which may not seem like a totally big deal but anyways) no coffee that morning = tired & headache...I forgot to make it so on our way home in my newly charged up, ready to go mom-wagon, we drove through Starbucks. I figured, it was deserved after spending almost 2 hours in the Big Lots parking lot haha. Mmmmm I got a HUGE VENTI peppermint mocha soy frappuccino (<-- spelling? You know what I mean lol). No whip (I'm lactose intolerant...yay me huh? Not that big of a deal tho)

Um ok...OH and Emma was screaming the WHOLE time she got home Wednesday (after big lots...OMG so happy she wasn't with me...that would have SUUUUUCKED) um ok...OH (I forgot what i was blabbing about ADD moment haha) Emma...screaming...I WANT TO GO TO ANGIE'S HOUSE!!!! My sister in law is Angie...Emma had a BLAST! Movies, Wild Animal Park, and hanging with Auntie Angie and was a nice break for momma until she came home hysterically crying (she was tired).

Thursday...I don't remember...I think we ran around. OH YEAH...ran a few were great.

Yesterday...Veteran's Day!! And my awesomest friend, Christie's, birthday!!! Nina and I went over to her house Friday morning to hang for a little and give her, her birthday gifts. So Nina and I are dubbing ourselves the "birthday elves"...I think that's what we said haha. So far we've had 2 victims! We are going to surprise as many people as we can on their birthdays! Fun huh! Ok yesterday I almost shipped myself to the loon bin...we were going to go to the Veteran's Day Parade until I was looking for Emma when we got home & she was giving herself tattoos in the garage. Ok before you call CPS, she was painting haha. Her paint but aaalllllll over her arms and legs...and into the tub she went...twice. No parade...taitum took a nap & I had this urge to clean the bathrooms. Why? I found this on Pinterest and wanted to try it haha. I loooooooathe cleaning bathrooms!! But I did and this stuff...AWESOME!! And I made this!!! Emma has toys EVERYWHERE so now the small stuff goes in here and Taitum's stuff will go in the bottom for that Emma was on a ROLL yesterday! She just would not listen...time out's, threw her toys in the "trash" (this usually works...garbage bag in the garage not actually in the trash but oh man did I want to yesterday)...I even called Santa...oh yeah, I have Santa's phone number and he wasn't happy...he may not be building a doll house now...needless to say...she went to bed early, I cracked open a beer, and watches Bones in silence.

Today is a new a's raining but it's a new day...I think I need to drink more water too because man, migraines up the ying yang this past week! The weather has been funkalicious too. Anyhow...sorry for not posting for a while :(. Life happened...I think Emma is confused because dad is gone so this is her way of acting out...Taitum is trying to move AAAHHH! But yeah...I am crafting away & building away! Lots to do!

CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS ARE COMING OUT!!! I can't wait any longer!! Organizing a little bit more and then by tomorrow they will be out!!!

Ok...oh and Emma broke my iPhone/iPad that's been fun. Those stores with Emma are not fun so I've been charging my phone in my car...the iPad can wait until I get a charger from the store when dad gets home haha.

Ok now really haha. Sorry the essay...go YOU if you read it all!! Now laugh with me


:-D. Feels better huh...oh I love to conquer your obstacles...I will win every time...why?...because life is worth living and laughing is FUN!!

Now I will check my emails...I'm loving all the craftiness going on and funny stories!

Ok now I'm done really :-)

~ Lisa

PS...this morning Emma and I organized ALL of her toys...toddler she will put it all away!! ALL BEFORE 10 AM!!! Now it's a late breakfast...chorizo and eggs mmmm and I made emma hot chocolate...I am busting out some christmas flower bows for the girls to wear today..SANTA PICTURES!!!!


  1. Wow!! Crazy week for you! Hope it dies down! And you spelled frappucino right! I used to work at starbucks. :)


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