Saturday, November 19, 2011

FOCUS...haha i know...funny

HAHAHA OMG...I just realized I didn't ACTUALLY post this last night...I think I'm going BANANAS!!!

Ok so I have CRAZY ADD!!!

Right's on hyper drive hahaha

Taitum fell asleep eating dinner...again

(don't worry...I adjusted her...and got her into her crib..she was OUT!! And yes...she burped...twice haha)

Emma is on a date with daddy at Sea World (that is her bear zipped up in her jacket hahaha)

And I have a TON of stuff to finish

What did I do...

Yes...I sat on the couch...made a list of everything I needed to get done (I can't show you the list because what if my gift exchange partners read this??? Ultimate FAIL)

And THEN while I was doodling writing my list, I noticed...OMG NCIS MARATHON!!! Now...I loooooove NCIS...which means...I've more than likely seen the episode at least twice haha...and THEN...

FOOD NETWORK THANKSGIVING IRON CHEF!!! because, of course, I HAD to look through the channels to see if there were any other shows on before I went and did what it was I was supposed to be doing hahaha

None of this is then I thought "you know what? I should look on Pinterest for some inspiration to get moving"...

WHOA!!! BACK THE F UP...why...oooooooh WHY would my crazy mind tell me to go onto Pinterest aka the procrastinator's dungeon...

So I did and you know what!!????

I now I want a falafel, a 5 tier cake decorated like the wizard of oz with a yellow brick road, a shot of Godiva liqueur in a hollowed out strawberry shot glass, a cappuccino with a design on the foam, and some tequila lime chicken...I had one of my chocolate chip pumpkin cookies and hot cocoa and am just wishing it was something else hahaha


So list..list?...what list??

And Taitum is up...expected...rolling around the living room floor...

(she's 5 months old...18 pounds...Emma is 3...I figure Taitum is trying to keep up and I give it until March...if that...for when she starts walking...Emma walked early..."yay"...i mean WOOO hahaha)

OH and I just saw a preview for the new Matt Damon movie about the zoo...that would be fun but OMG I want to find My Fair Lady soooo bad so what did I do


All because Matt Damon came out with a movie that looks cute & I think Emma would love it but then the spark went off somewhere and I had a shiny/squirrel moment and thought OH I NEEEEED TO FIND MY FAIR LADY!!!

And now...I wrote this post because it was important!!!

Tomorrow...I will get stuff done tomorrow

Once I finish my list ;-)

***UPDATE...I accomplished nothing on my list...I accomplished things but none of it relevant...It will get done...hahahaha...I am the ultimate procrastinator who gets everything done fantastically at the last minute hahahaha


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