Friday, November 4, 2011

Buffet transformation!!

Alright...our kitchen had an echo...echo...echo and I saw this on Centsational Girl and wanted to try it out!!

So I found this on Craigslist for $25! My mother in law bought me a sander for my birthday WOOO & I had paint so I only purchased the spray paint for the handles, glass & I think that's it!...All of the drawers were there I just had taken 4 of them out before taking this picture...

This was B$@&$!!! I say I will never do it again but I know that's a total lie haha.

Come to find out it wasn't real wood (go figure haha), HEAVY, & the drawers were separate from the face of the drawers (where the handles are) so I had to pry those off to get the handles because this thing was just dumb haha. Lots of laughs & soreness later...I had it all disassembled...

First, I sanded the whole thing...then I used wood filler to fill all of the holes I didn't need anymore (oh I bought that...the return rack at the home depot for $6 for 2!!...I LOVE the return rack...especially the $5 gallons of paint!) anyways. I putty'd the holes, let those dry...sanded again and then...

PAINTED!!...THE WHOLE THING! My husband said I was crazy but I love how it turned out!!

(It's more of an antiquey/shabby color than the picture shows...yes i'm a doofus and filled ALL of the holes...I originally thought I was going to get new handles/knobs and then came up with spray painting the original one's silver...again...doing things the hard way)

For the doors I wanted to have glass so we could see what was in husband showed me how to cut the centers and I still have all of my fingers so...SUCCESS. They aren't the straightest but can't tell ;-) and I am noooo perfectionist.

The glass was easy...I bought 2 pieces of glass and a glass cutting kit for about $10...much cheaper than the "plastic that looked like glass" and it is soooo easy!

Ok...I sealed the glass with Gorilla glue haha and then my husband helped me put wood pieces on but they aren't going anywhere (I'll get a pic up soon)...this is all because I cut the hole in the doors flat...I didn't cut a "lip" for the glass to just sit into if that makes a picture frame. I didn't do that but I like it :).

I LOVE IT!!! Love my yellow walls and the the white buffet & I just found the rest of the knobs (I'm an unorganized mess but it works for me haha) so I will get them all sprayed silver & attached!

YAY!!! What do you think??

~ Lisa


  1. Looks great!

    Stopping by from Soleil Solene. :)

  2. Thanks!I LOVE your blog!!! I can't believe I haven't joined your site yet! well..yes I can...I'm a space cadet haha! thanks for coming by!!

  3. WOW!

    I LOVE the transformation! That is so inspiring! We just moved in to our house with minimal furniture and I'm so excited about getting started on projects like this! Just have to do lots of hunting for pieces!


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