Monday, November 7, 2011

what drives me

SO...I saw on EisyMorgan that today is:

The prompt today is to talk about what is INSPIRING us...

This is my life quote...

This is my life:

I have seen a lot in my 28 years of life and the one thing that truly inspires me to a better mom, wife, friend, person is something that I have always been scared of but now it inspires me to LIVE my life to it's fullest, to break the rules, to teach my children that being silly is AWESOME and to do what makes you HAPPY!! I don't beat around the bush...I don't see the here you go

This...this is what inspires me...some people may find it weird or creepy but it is my life, it is what drives me everyday to be a better me, and it is what inspires is also what terrifies me

Not a whole lot of people, if anyone besides anyone who reads this, knows this...I don't even know if my family knows this...Sure death scares people but I know it's a way of life...I've accepted's not the fact that my better half could pass earlier than he should (I've also accepted what I married into)...I've heard taps...I've seen the ache and the hurt and the grief and also the triumph...that process is what scares me but I won't let it define me.

I turn it around and make it an inspiration to LIVE...

I laugh at EVERYTHING...I make sure my girls laugh ALL the time

Source: via Julia on Pinterest

I am this:

My girls wake up with smiles on their faces because I greet them with an obnoxious 

or...I get greeted with a 
"MOOOOM!!!! WAKE UP! THE SUN IS UP!!!" hahahaha

I keep my inspirational fear in the back of my head...I do believe everything happens for a reason, it just hurts sometimes.  I seriously ran from, ok sometimes I still do when he has work ups, it every morning because I fear that the black sedan will pull up in front of my house to give me really, really, reeeeaaalllyyyy bad news...I don't do bad news...if I'm not's prolonged just that much more, right?

anyways...I live my life to the point that when I go to bed I am satisfied with what I have done, what I have eaten, &, most of all, what my girls experienced...I don't care what my house looks like..there are toys EVERYWHERE but you know family is fed, my kitchen is clean, they all have clean clothes, they are all happy, and all is good in my world. plan is to:

My fear will forever inspire me...I don't know if a whole lot of this made sense as it seems it turned into a big rant but it feels good to get it out there.

Never take anything for granted, love your life, and if you don't, then change something for the better...go see something you don't think you've seen before everyday or show someone something truly fantastic...sometimes that just involves a book title or a movie ;)

Sleep tight!

Source: via Lisa on Pinterest's my funny comment...Brutus will not stop farting...Boxer farts are by the most disgusting stench EVER!!!



  1. this is so, so sweet. just found you from LMM on facebook... it's so true, we can all learn and grow from each others stories... thanks for sharing yours. xoxox

  2. Absolutely love! I totally understand I was a military wife my entire married life and now I'm married to a former Marine. It's not strange but not everyone understands it. Yes, we're in the business of living life and you're doing a pretty great job of it!

  3. Thanks guys!!

    I love the shine project, Ashley!!

    Pidg, you're totally right!! Thanks too :)


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