Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh MAN...Yes...The holiday's...OVER

Now the fun begins hahaha...Christmas was great...I got beyond spoiled...a Cameo...a red KitchenAid...Tory Burch Sunglasses...I mean really...insane!!!!

I guess someone did read my Amazon WishList!!!  WOOO...The hubs got a new phone since he dropped his phone in the toilet...it was clean...I still think it's gross haha...The girls got beyond spoiled!!! Dad helped Santa build this amazing dollhouse!!! He even routered the "tile" on the flooring with a monogrammed "E" at the "entrance"...so cool...she LOVES IT!!

Either my swap partners didn't ever receive my gifts or they sucked that bad and they're being nice by not saying anything haha...it's ok...my feelings aren't hurt haha...I'm sorry if you work for the USPS but I LOOOOATHE them during the holidays!! So many people did not get things I sent out!! Even after I re-sent them!! I would have gone through UPS or Fed-Ex but they were too expensivo for this military wife/momma...I guess a shipping savings fund is order for next year also..hmmmm. I think I might send them something via a website so that ensures delivery since I haven't heard anything...so lame...I'm sorry either way!!!

Well...A LOT HAPPENING!! My baby girl is seeing the world for 2 weeks so it's going to be a little quiet here...you can tell Taitum knows something is wrong because she has been extra attentiony lately with big sister not here but the flight will be MUCH easier (UAE...yeah...with the chill 6 month old ALONE it will be much easier hahaha)...We will be gone for...ready...READY...


Brutus misses her too...he's been sleeping on her tutu the past couple nights...

The hubs is doing a lot of work ups and I don't think he'll even be home when we get home but so goes our life...my mama is planning a visit out here when we get back so that will be super exciting!!! But yes...this trip will be awesome!! We figure...the girls aren't on any kind of strict school/extra-curricular schedule so this is the greatest time to do these trips!

**A.D.D MOMENT** I just noticed my show...NCIS...started again..I LOOOOVE THIS SHOW!!

ok...the trip...this will be super fun!! I will still be blogging and posting pics :-)...WOOOO.  The only downfall to this trip...my super awesome christmas gifts (aside from my sunglasses haha)...will not be used...by me anyway haha..OH AND my brother and his fiance got me a crockpot too!! Hopefully my husband doesn't break it hahaha

Ok...I gotta go to bed...but yes...A LOT OF EXCITING STUFF HAPPENING!!!! I will keep you all posted as it happens ;-)

~ Lisa


  1. I hate to say it...but no love from the usps! Still no package! hopefully it will show up! Glad you had a great Christmas! Thank goodness for amazon wish lists!! Oh, and my dad helped Santa build a doll house for Hannah too!! LOL!

  2. BOO!!! So dumb! I will get something out!! Might be later than sooner now though :-/. YAY Santa helpers and dollhouses!! haha

  3. LOL..Well let me know, and I can re-send you my address..maybe there was a mistake there..but really, it doesn't matter to me. I had a blast making you and your girls things! Do you want to try another swap? Valentines day or Easter maybe? Let me know..=0)

  4. Yeah I will definitely double check the address!! The things you made were amazing!! The Brutus ornament is just too stinking cute!! We hang it up with his leash now!! Yeah that would be fun! Let's shoot for Easter...We don't get home until middle of March so Easter would be perfect!

  5. sounds good!I'm so glad you liked your stuff! I'll FB Message you my adress again for Easter! Yay! I love having people to make stuff for (I never have the motivation to make-and finish my own stuff) =0)


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