Friday, January 20, 2012

Super bad :-/


So we made it to Abu Dhabi!!! Here is the long and short of it all...Emma got here 2 weeks before the Tater and I...The Tater and I got stuck in Chicago for 2 HOURS...on the literally looked like the snow was burying the plane and then they had to de-ice the plane..that was "comforting" hahaha but, nevertheless, we MADE IT!!

*** OK...I always get asked "You're going where?? Abu what??" and then I always "Do you know where Dubai is? Like an hourish away"...OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH....SO...This is where Abu Dhabi is :-) ***

SOOOOO...we've been here 1 week and Taitum has adjusted fantastically to the 12 hour time change which is so nice now...Emma is having so much fun!! Emma goes to a "nursery" aka school here 5 days a week for 6-7 hours a day which is super nice and she LOVES it!! I've been going to the gym with my step mom 4 days a week..pilates, yoga, cardio...feels good...and of course shopping around :)

Nothing too crazy exciting as of right now BUT we are headed to Dubai tomorrow!! Many pictures will come soon I promise!! And I am going to try and get something posted at least 2-3 times a will probably happen 1-2 times hahahaha :-)

I get to fool around with my fantastico Silhouette software and create some stencils which is great fun for me so once we get home...I'll be a printing MACHINE!!!

OK...I hope everyone had a fantastic week!!! We are having a great time and enjoying all of it!!

More later :-)...have an amazing weekend!!!

~ Lisa


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