Monday, January 23, 2012


SOOOO...Saturday we went to Dubai!!..Minus Taitum...sorry Taitum...I am going back so I will take some more of the amazing shopping in the Dubai Mall buuuuahahahaha...

LIKE THIS...CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN STORE!! SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?! Next time I'm trying on a pair....notice I said trying on...aka drooling over and not purchasing hahahaha

I mean come on...the store front in itself is AMAZING 

aaahhhh the amazing store!

World's Tallest Bldg...

A castle in the middle of the city??!!
No...those are apartments/condos...that just looks like a HUGE castle!! haha was a good day!! We went and shopped...I got a pair of UHMAZING Steve Madden boots and an UUUUHMAZING Diesel handbag...for some reason I didn't take pictures...stay tuned :)...OH WAIT...HERE'S THE BAG!! OK...I'll get a better picture of it hahaha

Funny story...So...we are sitting at this cafe, Eric Kaiser, for a before lunch coffee and I ate food haha and Emma had a chocolate first she is drinking it just fine out of the straw...fantastic! THEN I look at her (she is sitting across from me) and I see her pick up the glass as if she is drinking water with no straw and attempt to drink the my head I'm thinking "ooooo she should NOT do's going to..." and then SPLAT!!! CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE AAALLLLLLL OVER HER FACE AND EVERYTHING!!!

What did I do...


....YES...I laughed in my 3 year old's face because I saw it happening just before it happened and I thought it was HIIIIIILARIOUS!!!!!


UM...NO! was so funny...yes I had a change of clothes and yes she was fine afterwards but come on funny!!! I couldn't get a picture quick enough though :-( hahaha

OMG...then we had lunch at Mango Tree...SO GOOD!! Thai food yummmmm....of course I picked spicy as HECK lobster with chili sauce...MY MOUTH WAS ON FIIIIIIIRE

 aaaahhhh...yes...and I had a strawberry lemon martini YUMMMMMMM

FIIIIIIRRREEEE...but it was so gooood
LMAO..did i mention the shell was in the dish? and when I put the lobster together to show Emma she got suuuuuper scared??!!...No?...hahaha OMG...I had to ask the waiter to take the shell away from the table hahahaha was sooooo goood... then we had High Tea at the Burj Al Arab aka Sailboat hotel in Dubai :-).....sooooooooo fun!!! 

I mean this hotel is amazing...the architecture is so beautiful and everything is super nice and it's just amazing...we got a little lost took a detour on the way but you know as long as you can see your destination and it's getting bigger and not smaller, then it's ok hahahahaha

so our reservations were at 6...we were there at 630...meh...whatevers haha

ok so then drooooooooooove back to Abu Dhabi and the week started Sunday and Emma went back to school and pilates and then yoga today and all is well :-)...OH and we skyped with Nona!!

I leave you with some more pictures :)...

<---- Emma can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeease take a picture with me?!?!

Being classy as usual in a 10 star hotel hahaha

<---- Looking up as far as I could from the lobby!! Everything you see that is real gold!! 


<----- Super cool "dancing" fountain!!

I swear...more touristy pictures next time :-)

~ Lisa


  1. How beautiful! What an adventure! And hey- I laugh at my kids when they do stuff like that too! It's either that or cry!


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