Sunday, January 8, 2012

Short and sweet

I just want to give a BIG shout out to my super talented need something done and he'll get it done...especially wood-work!!

For Christmas, he helped Santa make this AMAZING dollhouse for Emma!!! 2 DAYS!! He was working a lot right up until Christmas so he literally went to the store, got the materials, started the 23rd all day and finished it Christmas Eve; just in time for Santa to deliver it Christmas morning!! he didn't make it for me...I don't need one haha. But really...I don't need one haha.  This is a birthday gift for his buddies wife.  His friend called, well probably texted, him and asked if he could make his wife a jewelry box...I mean for reals people...this is amazing...I went and got some felt for the inside (that was the only thing I did haha) and the top red part has indents for rings and slides to and fro and can be taken out and he put in the is amazical!!!

The lid has an engraved "C" that his friend helped him out with trusty Cameo printed out the stencil heehee :).

no joke...if you need something from a shadow box to bed frame...he can do it awesome!!

Well that was all...Taitum is feeling a little better...taking her back for a check up tomorrow and then Wednesday frustrating when an infant is sick :(.

I hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

~ Lisa


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