Monday, March 12, 2012

TEACHERS!!! I know...I post in a looooooooong time :-/...vacation has been that busy :-)

Emma has been going to this AMAZING nursery (Giggles English Nursery) over here and Wednesday is her last day :-(...I wanted to make her teacher, the Principle and the rest of the staff something special so here is what Emma and I did :-)...3 gifts for under $10 each!!!

I have seen these all over crafty blogland and they are AWESOME!!! So this is my and Emma's take on the crayon shadowbox!!

Good ol' Ikea had the shadowbox for $4 and I just took the card stock frame out, covered the cardboard back with some construction paper I had, made a dotted "Miss Lisa" for Emma to trace and then we used glue tape to get the crayons ($1/pack and i think we sued 3 1/2 boxes) to hold in an "L"...OH, I made an "L" stencil and put the crayons on top...super easy peasy! Super quick, personal gift for about $7!!

Next, I found this free printable over at Skip to my Lou for the Principle's gift and (minus the twine) I mimicked her card...I mean for reals, what a cool idea to thank anyone for anything!!  Here's my finished product (I also wrote a note for her on the back). I am going to put it in a basket with some cookies and the super cute mug my dad and step mom found at Zayed College!

I had everything on hand and didn't buy the cup (heehee but I think it was about $5 or $6) so aside from the cookies and gift card, this could be a free craft!! Ok...ok...I bought a Starbucks coffee juuuuuust so I could get the sleeve hahaha

Neeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxxxt haha, Emma and I made this M&M Jar for the rest of the staff because, really,  everyone is a teacher in a nursery and Emma wanted to get EVERYONE something...I haven't won the lottery yet hahaha so this seemed perfect!!

I found the poem over with Tina at Mommy's Kitchen (she has some super really amazing recipes!!!).  I modified the poem (have to had...pretty much made it past tense) and added the colored M&M's to the poem.  Obviously, you can customize the jar how you want...make it HUGE..make it small...ours is plastic but a mason jar would be super cute too!! Best can most likely find the jar, M&M's, craft paper (if you need it), and any other embellishments at the dollar store or Wal-Mart.  All I needed were the M&M's ($1/bag and we had to get 4 since they don't sell the monster bags here) and the jar ($2).  $6 thank you gift and the poem is super cute and totally true!!

Teachers are the amazing people who help us educate our children...if I could do more to thank them I would!!

Her teacher took pictures today of Emma and all of her friends so I'm going to make a fun book for Emma later and...yeah.  Super awesome that my dad and step mom were able to find this place for Emma since were only here for 2 months.  She had so much there!!!

Alright well...more later :-).  


PS...sorry for all the "copyright" logo's on the pictures...since reading about the crazy Pinterest terms and conditions and some shady out there who like to take other people's creations, I became a little anal and deleted my Pinterest and am now stamping my works...kind of annoying but it doesn't take long so it's ok...

Alright...I hope you enjoyed what we made!!! Have a fantastic day to most of you!!! Goooooooood night!!!

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