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I have been wanting to try this since last year but have just never gotten around to it until yesterday...I finally went to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought my 2 gallon glass jar (in the kitchen dept) FOR $10!!

I found this awesome recipe via Pinterest pre-deactivation and re-activation haha (they changed their terms so it's back ON!!!).

So here is what I used:

(I found all of this at the commissary so I'm thinking it should all be at your local grocery store)

Instead of pouring it all into a 5 gallon bucket I just poured it all into my 2 gallon is my side note IF you choose to not pour everything in a bigger bucket :-) :

DO IT IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA OR OUTSIDE...or wear a mouth mask haha...again...i do things the easier hard way ;-)

ok so once I got this all mixed together, I realized I forgot the soap haha so off to the store to get some IVORY soap (since the store did not have Zote per the instructions but IVORY works just as well!!). They came in a pack of 4 and I demolished shredded them up in my food processor:

(yes that is a piece of cardboard...I know you're all jealous of my MacGyver-ness...somewhere in our moves we lost pieces to my awesome christmas gift from my super awesome MIL...cardboard works just fine :-))

ALRIGHT...I mixed allllllll of this together with my wooden spoon...

(like you needed a visual hahaha)



I used pink vinyl and black vinyl and purchased a bubble image from the online Silhouette Store (which is AWESOME since it's attached to your software and downloads right away to your Image Library!!!) and I made this!:

Note to self for next time...Use thicker/bolder outline when using curly-q type fonts haha...was quite the adventure when applying this to my transfer tape Glad Press'n'Seal...

This stuff works just as well as transfer tape..i think anyway..and it's cheaper and you can buy it in bulk without stabbing yourself in the gut hahaha plus it's a double duty product that you probably already have in your house... wooo! as my Silhouette Cameo was at work...I grabbed a snack...I won't lie...and yes it is the candy you see in the background of my awesome stirring picture above haha...HERE IT IS!!!

can't see it? about here :-)

and here it is with the black part in the laundry room!! I put a "tablespoon" measuring spoon in there and made sure the "ONLY" was visible haha so the hubs at least puts more than 1 scoop for his stinky work clothes hahaha...funny huh? I had you all going thinking he did his own laundry HAHAHA :-)...only when I am not home for longer than a couple days...

YUP...that's an Instagram photo (@momdad2girls_brutus)!!! I did a load last night and it works awesome!!! And only using 2 tablespoons per load...this will last FOREVER!!!! I am sooooooo excited!!!!!! Here is the link to the awesome blog that featured this recipe I found through Pinterest!!!!

PER Being creative to keep my sanity (where I found this awesomeness), this IS HE washer SAFE!!! It is not super sudsy but you need to put it into the barrel versus the dispenser...I do not have one of these HE Washers so I can't say first hand...

I hope you all enjoyed this!!!

Good Luck...use at your own risk...but it worked fine for me :-)




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