Sunday, August 12, 2012

DIY Spider Repellent!! i CANNOT be the only person who is scared of spiders...i don't care how big they are or how small they are or if they help kill other bugs or whatever...i DO NOT LIKE THEM!!!!

I've tried every spray out there and, yes, i step on them...i don't like them...did i say that already?

so i saw this on the all amazing...PINTEREST!!!

so i had to try it...mainly because there are spiders in the backyard where the dogs are and the kids go and the chemically stuff isn't so savvy with the pets and kids...

so the recipe calls for:

a spray bottle (i got mine at the dollar store)
natural soap (i just used the kitchen soap that is nice and thick)
pepperment essential oil
i added some water because the soap wasn't spraying great

um this stuff is AMAZING!!! i spray around my house and window sills once a month kills the spiders and smells like christmas

i've read some articles that state lemon and other oils will work but i haven't tried them because most of the articles i've read say there is something about peppermint that they just don't like

AND another thing i've notice...

where there is a trail of ants (well unless it's from your trash can or some type of food)...there is usually a spider near by...yuck

this stuff does in fact totally work!! i don't know if my neighbors enjoy the smell but i don't have spiders so tooooooo baaaaaaaaaaad....MUUUUAHAHAHAHAHA <---that's my evil laugh ;-)

I hope everyone's weekend was wonderful!!!!

-- Lisa


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