Monday, February 4, 2013

My eye won't stop twitching...

maybe it's because it's midterm week...i haven't been super stressed out aside from having 2 kids haha

emma and i took a mental day today...breakfast, seaport, and the mall...just mosied around, had some frozen yogurt and a carousel ride

so yeah...i have midterms this week. i really just have 2 midterms this week but they're like vocab tests in a business and copywriting class...yeah...vocab...maybe that's why my eye won't stop twitching

i found out earlier this week i have a Celiac Disease. honestly i don't consider it a "disease". gluten isn't actually good for any of us just like dairy (seriously...don't get me started. i use lactose free milk whenever a recipe calls for milk and no one notices). I gotta say i wasn't tooooo surprised. i'm lactose intolerant and pretty much every piece of food gives me a stomach ache so...we are going gluten free. yes, i spoke to the kids' pediatrician today at their dr appt and he said the same thing i said "technically none of us really need gluten". gotta love a civilian dr on a military base :). but really i love this guy because he's normal and we have the same point of view on foods and he lets me know if i'm on track or a dr should haha. PS...this is sort of gross but i have had a WICKED canker sore for almost a week. i get them almost once a year...mind you it's a canker sore not a cold sore. i don't have herpes, i ate too many lemon frosted cupcake things from costco (this was before I had my dr appointment about going all gluten free haha)...too much citrus = wicked canker sore for moi ok and maybe i am a little stressed out irritating. so as you can imagine it hurts to eat which i guess is kind of a good thing while i get our groceries sorted out but apparently it is also a weight loss owie...i lost 5 not healthy but hey hahaha juuuust kidding....

anyway...i found some awesome resources thanks to a buddy on IG (Instagram does it again!!) and am finding it pretty easy to rearrange our foods to gluten free especially since it hit the "fad diet" era earlier BUT Trader Joe's and Sprouts have become the cheapest options and the hubs has decided to go on a diet for right now so vegetarian dishes are more consumed since he's not open to the variety BUT he's getting there :). We all already like the pasta (it tastes the same so no biggie there), the kids already dig veggies, so the biggest dilemma/obstacle is really just homemade dishes. i just need to replace the flour and look into all of that. OH and the sauces! i never though about gluten free soy sauces and bbq sauce! i also deleted my pinterest food boards...not pinterest account...just the food boards...i figure i'm just gonna start over and reorganize the consumption...i love food

with all of that noted...any ideas are super helpful to me and i will thooooooroughly appreciate them!

alright well off to study...shoot me some gluten free ideas and i'll post a pic on instagram :-) 3girls_and_a_boy

sleep gooooooood!



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