Friday, March 1, 2013

February Foodie Pen Pals!!!

I love this!!! This is seriously so much fun!

You sign up here...spend a minimum of $15 after getting to know your recipient...send your package by the 15th...and receive a package from someone else you've "met" in the mail? YES PLEASE!

In February I was partnered up with Marie from Phoenix! She sent me the sweetest note AND COOKIES!!! ok and soup and potato chips and squeezables!!! I devoured the chips the next day and the cookies were gone...quickly ;-) husband ate the soup when I wasn't looking...poohead and my daughters pretty much inhaled the time I'm hiding my package hahaha


What did I send to my partner, Ahuva, in Houston!!??

Brown paper packages tied up with string of course!!! haha just kidding...but not really...Ok so i'm a doofus and forgot to take a photo BEFORE wrapping's what Ahuva received

Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkers

Cookie Butter!!
Local Pineapple Strawberry Jam
Red Licorice
Milk Chocolate Bars
Jelly Beans...mmmmm

All from Trader Joe's except the Jam...That was from Whole Foods

I wanted to send her some of my favorite things that I, unfortunately, have had before and cannot have anymore..sad I know...

She sent me the most awesomest email too! You are very, very welcome, Ahuva!!! I hope you all enjoyed the rest :-)

Check out this awesomeness!!

Can't wait for March!!!


The Lean Green Bean


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