Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Oh man... a lot going on as usual!!!


This is pretty crazy...time has gone by so fast!!!  So I've decided that since she LOVES bananas and food in general...MONKEY PARTY!!!!! I am so flipping excited hahaha....taitum, obviously, doesn't totally care haha...i found a great template for invitations on Martha's a monkey mask!!!  I made a tester invite:

the eyes are going to be holes so you can see when you put it on and thennnnnnnnn

the colors i'm going to go with are:

dark brown for the head
lighter brown/tan for the white parts
pink bow on the ear!!

I'm going to put the party info inside the mouth! I'm thinking, instead of trying to attach the elastic to the back (it is a mask so it needs to be worn!), I'm just going to make a Dollar Store run and grab some party hats and use that elastic!  FYI...these are kind of big...I'm sure you can scale them down so they fit into a 4x6 envelope BUT I'm thinking....roll it and slide into a toilet paper roll, seal up the ends and all is well!!  Take thought if you will be mailing them..maybe a thicker roll or a 5x7 envelope would work well too!!

I'm busting out a Pinterest Monkey Party board HERE!!!


I'm getting my B.S in Advertising!!! That's right...I'm headed back to school and in 3 years MAX, I will have my Bachelor of Science degree!!! YAY creativity!!!!  School starts beginning of July and I am so excited!!!

OH...and PS...if you haven't heard...Facebook is changing it's terms AGAAAAAAIN...I'm copying this info from Marissa over at Momma Rake:

If you would like to see my updates, head over to my page and hover over "like" and click "show in newsfeed"!

You'll most likely see the posts floating around...FB is trying to implement a monetary charge so posts reach more no likey....I'm trying to get on here more since we have a lot going on and this is a great way for me document the memories, recipes and tutorials, if not just for my own brain haha

I hope you all stick around and enjoy!!! I'm excited to get Taitum's party going and share with you guys the awesomeness I hope it turns out to be!!!!

-- Lisa


  1. Wahoo!!! Good for you girl! You will be amazing in advertising with all the creative juices you've got flowing!! Best of luck!! XO!!


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