Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Aside from Emma waking up this morning with a fever :-(, today was pretty productive!!


WE DIDN'T LEAVE THE HOUSE (see first sentence...)

I broke out my awesomely, fantastic Silhouette Cameo and got some work done!!

I'm sure everyone has seen this great wall piece on Pinterest:

So I showed this to the hubs and he thought is was pretty cool!! SCORE!!! So we came up with an idea...actually he did...but I designed it hahaha.  I grabbed 2 clocks from IKEA aka my Disneyland and printed out a stencil with my fantastical Cameo that looks like this:

These are the clocks:

The main reason...um $1.99!!! I am putting it together tomorrow and ordering a couple prints off of Shutterfly since they are awwwwwesome so it should be done by next week...OR I really want to make some of those blueprint photos!! maybe i'll do that...OH THE IDEAS!!!

OK...NEXT...I busted this out for my BFF, Nina!!!  I grabbed a couple packs of canvases in December during Michael's big sale so I snagged a canvas, got my Pink spray paint out of the garage and painted that puppy pink!!!

I swear I didn't miss spots...that's the sun...it was hot today haha...I got my numbers and letters together and then pieced it all together!!!  I think the next one I make will be a thicker font or just bigger BUT she loves it!!! That's all that matters!!!

PS...I gotta toot my horn because I'm pretty excited...I'm getting pretty darn good at making the shapes haha...I really want to start making my own animals and shapes so I don't have to trace everything since other people worked hard on their images...ok horn tooted :-)


SO!!! From our free entertainment center turned dress up/play area bench, we had this leftover piece...it's supposed to be a shelf I think...pretty heavy but I knew I could do something with it SOOOOOO here is the beast:

I sanded it to NOT perfection because I didn't want it to be perfect....I found this paint in the "bad" batch area so I don't even know what color it actually is BUT here is the can...$2.00!! MINE!!!!! hahaha I love that area..

The color is just a tiiiiiiny bit off...maybe a little more greener? but it's still totally blue and i looooove it!!!

OK so i screw every paint brush I own so unless I seriously neeeeeeed a paintbrush...I don't use one.  Now, I'm not finger painting hahaha well kind of haha...I use scrap towels! yes like staining...I like the finish ok I LOVE the finish!!!

See...sanded to NOT perfection...and painted with a towel = PERFECTION FOR MOI!!!

I typed this up on zee CAMEO!!!

Printed and


I've decided (after making "princess soup" for Emma) that I am going to Gorilla Glue a soup can to the empty space in between "be yourself" and "everyone..." and then another on between "...taken." and "-Oscare Wilde" and put a fake flower bouquet in each of them...maybe white and yellow flowers?  I am seriously in LOVE with this!!!!!

I also made 2 car decals (1 for my car and 1 for the hubs') so I'll get those up soon but they are related to my previous post, May 21.

Things have pretty busy BUT I am still planning on getting an Etsy shop opened ASAP!!! PLUS...TAITUM IS WALKING!!!! She'll will be 1 next month so the party planning is starting as well!!! BUSY SUMMER!!!!



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  1. The wall looks awesome!!!! You did a great job!!!

    1. THANKS!!! I am almost done with your gift fyi...my ideas kept bouncing around hahaha

  2. Your blog is SUPER cute!!! I love that sign! Thank you for stopping by our blog! We are now following you back!
    Brooke from babblingsandmore.blogspot.com

  3. I seriously wish I had that creative jean you have! Or productive jean! Those are awesome!


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