Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Snake Bubbles!!

ok...another Pinterest awesome find for the kids...ok and us adults too hahaha

what you need:

- a bottle (i think a gatorade or wide mouth plastic bottle works best...emma tried it with a water bottle but she kept putting her lips on the outside of the bottle so she wasn't blowing anything if that makes sense).
- some dish soap (i used a sample size dish soap)
- terry cloth/washcloth you don't mind cutting
- scissors
- rubber band or hair tie if you don't have a rubber band
- a little bowl with some water
- OH and a knife to cut the bottom off of the bottle (i used a serrated knife...noisy but it worked fine haha)

Solution for Bubbles:

2 parts soap, 1 part water...or a little water...pour in some soap...mix it up until it's bubbly and add more if you need to ;-)

ok so what you do is cut the bottom off of your bottle


i cut a square the size of the bottom of the bottle, wrapped it around the bottle with the rubber band, and then trimmed the towel.  This way, when you dip your bottle into the bubbles, there isn't extra towel dippage...make sense :-/?

These are our bubbles and bottle...with a little zoe and cinderella mouse in the background hahaha

Now take this super quick and easy funness outside and get dipping'!!!

Here's Emma making her snakes!!! it was a little windy out today in our backyard but she LOVED it!!!  I kind of suggest using a thin wash cloth...that was the bubbles will snake out easier without blowing a blood vessel haha

Yup...i asked her to grab shoes and she came out with her rain boots...it's super hot today too!

HERE is the link from Pinterest!!!




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