Monday, May 7, 2012


TODAY WAS GREAT!! I can't always say that about good ol' Monday's but this morning we decided to go for a walk at Seaport Village aka Emma's super favorite spot here in San Diego.  There is a carousel, the harbor, little shops, cupcakes!!, and just FUN!! oh and "dad" flies over ALL the time!!! (he's an air crewman...on shore duty now whenever helicopters fly over she screams DAAAADDDDYYYY...So that happens A LOT since the Navy Base is just across the bay haha)

OK..SO we've done scavenger hunts before BUT grandma and grandpa bought her this super awesome camera (for some reason my picture won't load so here it is on Amazon) and case!

SHE LOVES IT!! it has games, you can take photos and VIDEO! it's literally a kids digital camera...super awesome. and the sides are rubber so no matter how she handles it, it stays totally fine!!

OK so we've done the scavenger hunt thing before and i think it's the perfect thing to take along with your kids to entertain and teach them while having fun!

I made this list for her with photos of each thing we had to look for (sorry for some reason i can only find the instagram photo :-/ @momdad2girls_brutus on instagram :->)

THESE ARE ALWAYS A HIT WITH EMMA!! Her photos came out pretty snazzy...always fun to see things from a littles point of view :-).  Here is the collage I made for her! 

do you see the giraffe :-)'s on the carousel but the carousel was closed for lunch :-( and the giraffe was, of course, on the other side but she snagged a photo of his head!!

We are headed to the beach and zoo this week so more scavengering!!! I'm gonna get some free printables for the zoo and beach up for you awesome people!!

Also, if she didn't have a snazzy birthday present, I definitely would not give her an actual digital camera (unless your kiddo is super careful haha) but I would have gotten her a disposable! 

Hope you're weekend is off to a fantastic start also!!!

PS!!! Kids fell asleep on the way home and STAYED ASLEEP AAAAAAAND I got THIS AWESOMENESS in my mailbox!!!


-- Lisa


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