Wednesday, May 2, 2012

FREE Dress-up closet!!!

WHOA MY GOD!! i found this entertainment center on Craigslist for FREE...and thought...THIS will make an awesome dress up closet and toy storage!!! (the right piece is supposed to go on top of the left piece.  i'm not sure what i did with the original picture :-/)

We were going to paint the whole thing pink and just leave a black trim but that was nixed and I think it was a good idea...

Before, Emma's dresses and shoes and everything involved in playing dress up were thrown into a toy chest that was falling apart so...YAY this couple was moving and giving this away for free...the backing (not pictured..blogger fail i know) had a "bigger" hole made by them and there were a couple scuffs on the corners but whateves!!!  Nothing the sander can't handle!!

We had left-over pink paint from Emma's room (yes...of course her ALL of her walls are bright pink!) and the sander so this seriously was all free...WOOO!!! And i had a spare shower curtain rod (no...i have no idea why i had one but i did haha) so we could hang up her dresses!

Here is the hubs hard at work and yes, of course, he posed hahaha

After sanding this beast we realized it really just needed 2 coats of paint...ya know...doing things the hahaha...OH...THIS IS WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE IF IT WAS USED AS AN ACTUAL ENTERTAINMENT UNIT!! whatdayaknow...i did have a picture hahaha

so the play area/kids zone is a work in progress but here we are so far!! the hubs aka Santa built that awesome dollhouse for Emma for Christmas last year!!! I'm sure he'll be doing one for Taitum too next year ;-)...

Emma taking a photo of me taking a photo haha

The doors still have the DVD storage in them but they work...they slide out and she thinks they're cool so...they stay...for now; not that i have an idea what else to put in there haha

Don't mind the messy entryway in the background haha...OH and just to the left, before the pirate dress in this picture is the shelf that the tv would sit on...My husband had a genius moment and flipped it on it's side so it turned into a hat shelf!!! Yes...he has his moments ;-)

Some storage is still in the works :-)

and here is the "bench"...I'm going to make some big cushions to put on top of this but for now it is the "Princess Party Zone" according to Miss Emma haha

She's been using the Oatmeal container for her "small toys the Taitum can't have because she will hurt she self" per Emma :-)

what do you all think!!? Any ideas for the walls? I'm thinking of putting a tree decal behind the dollhouse and hanging pictures from the "branches"... a lot of options since obtaining the all amazing Silhouette Cameo!!

I hope you all enjoyed this!!!

- LISA!!

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  1. Ineedadaughter!

    Such a great idea! For now I'll have to settle for my two sons!

    Happy to have found you!


    1. THANKS!! your blog is super cute!! oh man, I didn't know what I was gonna do with 2 girls because I have 3 brothers and now, if i ever would have a 3rd child which would be never haha, if I had a boy I have nooooo idea what I would do hahaha...crazy!

  2. cute idea! new follower from the hop, would love a follow back


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