Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shiny Object Syndrome aka SQUIRREL moments

So here are the things that have gone through my head today or have happened today...

A couple days ago emma had low fever and we had a conversation about whether or not butterfly's poop and then she wailed laughing: HAHAHAHAHA BUTTERFLY POOP!!!!...this is probably the highlight of my week hahaha...butterfly poop hahahaha

Today I made it to "making it" i mean, the kids and i walked into 24 hour fitness 10 minutes late...dropped them off at the "kid's zone) where those lady's are FAB...and then proceeded to go to yoga which was TOTALLY FULL and I was 15 minutes late...but I made it la la laaaaaa....dancin' in RIIIIIIOOOOO....bla bla bla bla bla bailar...i think haha

How did emma get a booger in her ear?

today...the kids got shots...we went because emma's ear hurt and the dr scooped out ear wax and you're welcome...she sat totally fine through that and he was super impressed (POINT FOR ME) and then she got 2 shots...she kicked, screamed and wailed and made a 200 pound corpsman sweat and probably lose an ear drum because she screamed in his ear...and she got a rash from adrenaline stress...oye...taitum got a shot too...she's fine haha

I really need to put up my clocks and sign in the play area...

oh man...i need to finish my gift exchange gift and go to the post tomorrow...i should write that down.

my phone doesn't hold a charge all...and my car charger broke...i really need a new one since i am constantly driving in circles

hmmm...the only reason i have a twitter account is to get that one more entry into the awesome contests you guys host!

i don't "search" for anything on Pinterest anymore...i follow all of you awesome people (or at least try to) and i click on the names of people you have pinned from and then check out their boards...too many spammers

i love coconut oil!!

i wonder what the picture of the day is on Instagram with FatMumSlim?

is emma 3 or 15...i know she can hear me...

i loooooooooathe teething

oh man...sometimes i wish so many kids didn't live on this block because taitum gets tired so early but you can hear them playing so she won't sleep...poo...that or she actually poo'd

i thought we were supposed to be in "May flowers" season? why the butt is it so cold out!!

it's 5 to 7 and we are all in's been that kind of day

i love pirates...all of them

and love love that show!! and ELLEN!!! SHE IS MY FAVORITE!!!

TODAY I introduced Emma to a cassette...and jimi hendrix...i feel accomplished!!

i love figuring out shortcuts on my mac without google hahaha

i think i've had too many cookies

tomorrow i will be going to my friends' truss shop and picking up some wood...why? because i can and she is AWESOME!

OMG emma is imitating the dancers on SYTYCD!!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

OK...and goodnight :-)



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