Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10 Tuesday's!

OK so...whether we like or not the holidays are HERE!!! I have a killer list of 10 DIY Holiday gift/crafts!!

Just a heads up...I have a thing for giving gifts that can be used, re-used and/or are needed...I'm not huge on gifts that I know I would just set down and forget about (maybe...dare I say...re-gift!!!) so I always try to give things to people that they will use... 

The kids can even get in on some of these!! FYI...I am addicted to Pinterest, Tip JunkieAna White, and all of you amazing blogging crafters!!  So here are my inspirations for DIY Holiday gifts/crafts!!!

PS...I'm planning on doing ALL of these in December so this is also my motivation to DO them :).  So come on back to get awesome tutorials and motivate me to get them done!!

So...without further adieu...

My 1st Top 10 List of Holiday Crafts/Gifts!!

10. I found Ashley over at Shanty2Chic via Ana White's fantastic website.  She used a killer Potterybarn Photo/Greeting Card Carousel as inspiration for, what I think, is a more awesome Carousel!!!  You can paint it any festive color OR leave it white OR mod podge some cool border...attach some family photos as a gift for extended family!!  This amazical , and what would be your own one of kind gift, will only set you back about $10 depending on what you already have! 

9. Who doesn't LOVE receiving pictures for any type of celebration!? And how GREAT of an idea is this!! I found Jessica's tutorial via Tip Junkie for this super cute damask print frame.  Assuming you are crafty and have supplies on hand, this could set you back a whopping $0!! Frame...check, paper....check, mod podge...check...accessories....CHECK!! You can put whatever cute spin you want on it!! MAYBE...even throw some lettering...I <3 Dad, or Grandma's Favorite, or even Me & Santa!

8. Jamie, Jodie and Jen over at eighteen25 are pretty fantastical.  This is a super score for that awesome teacher in your child's life.  You can fill it and decorate with any type of theme that super tremendous person has in their classroom or maybe by what grade they teach!  The kids can TOTALLY help with this too!!

7. I LOVE PINTEREST!!! I found this reindeer on there and um HELLO {easy} KID'S CRAFT ORNAMENT!! The best is this won't break or if it does it isn't something a little glue won't fix!!

6. OK...I am a child inside haha...snoman poop and reindeer poop NEVER get old!!!!

Snowman Poop: Free PDF printable
Grab a ziploc baggie and fill with mini marshmallow's or white chocolate chips
Seal and attach the tag!!

I hear you've been naughty,
So listen, here's the scoop...
I'm running short on coal this year,
So you get "Snowman Poop"
Love, Santa

Reindeer Poop: Free Printable PDF
Grab a ziploc baggie and fill with whoppers or milk chocolate chips
Seal and add the tag haha

I woke up with such a scare when I heard Santa call...
"Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!"
I ran to the lawn, and in the snowy white drifts,
those nasty reindeer had left "little gifts".
I got an old shovel and started to scoop
Neat little piles of "reindeer poop."
but to throw them away seemed such a waste,
So I saved them, thinking you might like a taste!
As I finished my task, which took quite a while,
Old Santa passed by and he sheepishly smiled.
And I heard him exclaim as he rose to the sky~~~
"Well, they're not potty trained, but at least they can fly!"

hahahaha I love it!!

5. OK...Desirée over at 36th Avenue is just..superfantabulous and this is such a great idea!!! You HAVE to check her out if you haven't already!! Plus this is yet another reason I know that I think I need a Silhouette machine heehee ;-)

4. Food...I mean come on...who doesn't LOVE a gift they can consume!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE Starbucks' Chai Tea Latte so when I saw this, Chai Spiced Tea Loaves, in Good Housekeeping's "Easy Homemade Holiday Food Gifts" article, I was sold...especially since it says "easy" hahaha 


3. I found this idea on Pinterest..print on paper bags, punch hole, add reinforcement sticker and twine..DONE...and you can fill it with whatever you want..socks...candy...underwear? haha and print whatever witty, funny, or thoughtful thing you want!

2. Here's one for the kids!!! Found on Pinerest too haha.  Super easy and simple and to keep it in tact spray hairspray on it when it's all dry and it will keep the paint from flaking or if you're super cool and have a laminating machince...send it through!!


1. again...via Pinterest :-)...I want to do an ornament like this with the girls this year!!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my list!! Come back later and watch how I get them done!!  

I'm linking up with Miss Mommy's Ten Tuesday's!!

~ Lisa


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