Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Ribbon Hair-Bow!!

Who wouldn't want to make one of these super easy hair-bow's!!?? All you need are these "probably in your closet" materials:

glue gun
festive colored ribbon
candy corn (or a fun embellishment for the top)

First I cut all the ribbon in half, like so...heads up again...I do everything the hard way haha...and I also got ahead of myself and 1 set already haha

Then, I glued them all into circles..liiiiiiiiike this :) and then together (if that makes sense..I posted a pic)

After I glued them together, I snipped the ends diagonally on 2 of them to give them "pointy" ends:

And then I started stacking:

I attached a piece of felt to the back and then from there you can attach the amazingness to a tie...or hair clip!!!


I hope you enjoyed my quick and easy (and most likely freeeeee) halloween hair craft!!!

I'm linking up here!!

~ Lisa


  1. oh this is ADORABLE! thanks for sharing. i think i might have to try and make this :)


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